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(Warning.. Smut ahead) A couple weeks has went by, Taeyang is living in my house and things just don't seem to working out the way i wanted. His drinking just keeps him away from home, but becomes charming at night, drunk. I feel like i cant breath. The mix feelings he is giving me is just far out too much. How can he say that he wants me back, that i am special and that I'm the only one who he wants. But when he is sober, he denies it and just tell me that i am nothing to him. My heart is wondering if i should push more, but my body feel weak to even try. Our sexual nights to fights in the day. I feel crowed and i need to escape. I wake up to get ready to go to work, as i prepare a bit of coffee Taeyang wakes up. "it's early. You should be in bed" "Im Hungry" "So what you want me to do" "I don't now. coo something up. your the woman in the house. You should now what is your job" I looked at him, and something inside of me began to boil. I new that i just cant. I cant do this anymore. I felt like im being used, just i don't want to face that reality. But i had enough of him taking over. I stand up with a smile and drank the last drops of my coffee. I turn around and quickly looked at him. "The last thing u said to me was that I am nothing to you, so there's no need for me to coo for someone who seems me as nothing. You want something, value what you have in your hands." I grabbed my purse and my car keys and left the house. As i stepped outside, I felt the air breathing through me. I feel refreshed and i felt a it of myself. I smiled through the blue skies and began heading to work. As I park my car, I head myself to the cafe and just relax with some tea. I sat down by the window, waiting for the tea. As i wait, i look through the window and see how beautiful everything looks, but i began to wonder how cruel things can be. What have i done wrong in my life to become this way? Why can't just have a life with happiness? But at the same time, what is happiness? "Day dreaming Sarin?" "Oh hello sir" "Daesung sweety, You can call me Daesung" "Daesung" I smile as I said his name, and tried to wipe the side tear. He looks at me and i just quickly look away. "Is everything ok?" "Yes, Im ok" "Are you sure your not having trouble at all?" "Ya, just some personal issues" "Is it someone who you care and that person dont care about you" I began to look at him, and my mind just went blank. "How..did.." "I over heard your conversation with your mom. Last week, you invited your mother to the restaurant here. I was on that table behind you. So I over heard the conversation" "Oh god...Im sorry" "Why your sorry for? im sorry that a woman beautiful like you have to suffer alot for a man who is not even worth it." I never felt so embarrassed in my life. I always try my best to not have no one know my situation, and my own boss knows. "Sarin, don't feel embarrassed about it . Its life. Let's go to the office, there's something i want to talk about with you." We both stand and we began to head to the elevator to head up to his office. As we wait for the elevator to go to the 9th floor, the elevator began to get very full. I tried to stand in one spot but these people are so pushy. Then all of a sudden i felt Daesung's hand grabbed me from my hips and pull me into him. I just stood their and froze. His hands began to wrap around my hips and I can feel is breath to my ears. Then his lips began to touch my neck and slowly crawling to the back of my neck. The chills ran all over my body and my mind began to race. Then he whispers in my ears, "Let me in. Let me be with you" I gasped at the words he whispered. Then he let me go and the other people in the elevator began to leave on the 6th floor. Then it was just me and Daesung. I turn around slowly and I look at him. Then he moves forward and grabs my hands. "Dae.." "Sarin, since I saw you in the parking lot and have you work under me, theres something about you that triggers me inside to have you beside me. I just cant loose you either" I began to look deep inside him. His words are words which i wanted to hear. A man who wants me. Then he gotten closer and closer. "Daesung..." Daesung grabs my cheeks and pull me into his lips. I wanted to stop him, but I feel like i want this. I couldn't resist of his plump lips. He deepens the kiss, till the elevator stops at the floor. He broke the kiss and began to walk out of the elevator to the office. Once we both enter inside the office, he closes the door behind him.
He grabs my hips and pulls me into him and let is lips play with mines. His lips tasting like mint. I feel like he is taking over my body. I cant think and i cant feel myself controlling my body. "Sarin, your lips." He kisses me again and again. I feel like I am about explode, but I want more. I haven't felt this way. I haven't felt needed and wanted. Is this right? Man, fuck it. I put my hands around Deasung's neck and began to deepen the kiss. Deasung then lifts me up and I just wrap my legs around his waist. "Sarin, your driving me a bit crazy" "Thats good, let me get you crazy" I kiss him back and began to take over him, but Daesung wont let me. He slam me to the wall and deepen the kiss. I cant breath but the kiss feels so good that i can just keep going. Then he grabs my wrist and slammed them tight to the wall. "Put your legs down, Sarin" I did what he command. I put my legs down and land it on my feet. He is still holding my hands tight to the wall. Then he grabs his tie and take it off, he quickly began to tie it around my hands. Then he kisses me deep and began to bite my bottom lips. Then his right hand began to go inside under my shirt. His warm hands began to slowly message my breast. Going to circles in slow motions. I began to moan, Im starting to feel too good. "Enjoy it Sarin. Many more to come baby" He then began to kiss my neck then down to my collar bone, making my body shiver from his wet lips. All of a sudden his hand began to go up in my thighs. "Daesung.." "I gotchu babes" He grabs me and quickly puts me facing down on the table. I can hear his belt began to unbuckle. Then his hands began to lift my skirt and pull down my panties. I felt the air brushing between my legs. The chills ran down my spine. Then his fingers began to part my vagina lips and i feel his cock entering inside me. He filled in good and well. He began to thrust hard, pushing very deep. I began to moan as i hear him moaning through every thrust he gives. "Daesung, dont stop." Daesung chuckles and began to fuck me harder and harder. Then he grabs my hair and pulls it back. He pulls back so hard that i didnt cared about the pain. He began to grunt under his breath and I knew in that moment that he is cumming. His thrust began to go a bit wild. I couldnt breath any longer, my mind went over the clouds. Our moans together just kept on turning us on. Then Daesung left one last grunt.
It's 7 pm and I began to get hungry. Work was very busy since its the holidays. I even totally forgotten the little action i had this morning. As i walk through the first floor of the Hotel's entrance. I can see how busy it is. Many of our rooms are being filled and our employees are just running here and there, getting our visitors settled. "Ms. Sarin, I need help" "Sure whats going on?" "We have someone here, who speaks English but we cant understand him perfectly. Do you know who can speak English.?" "I can. Who is the visitor?" The employee show me to who the visitor is. As we enter inside the VIP waiting room. As i enter, i began to speak to the man in English. "Hello sir, My name is Sarin and I am part_manager of this hotel. I heard that you that there was some misunderstanding, I apologies for the trouble. How can I help you, sir" "Yes, i would like to have a one bedroom in the VIP section." "Ok no problem. Follow me so we can have you set up in our system" As i went behind the desk to the computer to set him up. I had him take out his ID, as he did I began to look of how handsome this man is. He looks Korean, but how he does not speak Korean. He hand me the ID and I began to look at it and him. He is actually American Citizen. "Here you go Mr. Seungri" "Thank you." "Ok so you will be in the 7th floor where the VIP rooms will be locate. This is your key. In case you loose the key, you can just come by to the front desk and give them your ID and we will give you another key. A fee will be placed for a new key. so Mr. Seungri are you ready to see your room for tonight.?" "Yes Sarin. Thank You." I smile at this gorgeous man and began to gab his bag. He quickly grabs it and didnt let me take it. So i let him be and I began to take the lead to the elevator. We both enter inside, and I pressed the button number 8 and the doors closed. "Ive heard that this Hotel is very beautiful. And it is. Im so happy to be here. Seems very organized." "Thank You. Please follow me, Seungri" I lead him inside to the front door of his room. I grabbed my key and swiped through it till the green light appeared. I open the door and I bow to let him enter. He enters and began to look around. "Seems like you never saw a Korean Hotel" "No actually, this is my first time being in Korea. My parents are both Korean but they went to America and had me." "Your an only child?" "No, as i grew, i found out that my parents are not my biological parents, My real real parents was murdered. So my parents left a sister here. So I came here ... to Korea, to find her, and to find who killed my parents" "Oh I see. Well I hope you will have the chance to find your answers soon." I turn around to head out of the room. "Sarin.." "Yes.." "If anything .. I mean, what if someone dont understand me. Is there a way i can call you?" "Yes. This is my business card." I grab my pen and wrote down my personal number on the back of the card. "Thats my personal number. You can call or text me. I will be glad to help" I smile and began to walk out. As i closed the door behind me, I began to breath and let air out. That man is gorgeous. I fix my shirt and began to walk towards the elevator to go back downstairs to help, but then all of sudden I started to feel dizzy. The whole room began to spin. My vision blurred out. I began to try to feel the wall to bang on a door, but I felt like my body is failing me. I collapsed to the floor, and everything is going blank. The only clear vision I saw was Seungri running towards me.
What are Daesung feelings towards Sarin? What kind of man is Seungri? What happened to Sarin?

Sorry for the delay, due to a terrible virus, I was stuck at the hospital and sleep!! LOL

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