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@SimplyAwkward Oh.. O.O ok. Thank you for the warning
okay okay 11 chapters read already and just because it's loading slow, I wanna tell you that clicking on this card is probably the best thing I did all day. I can't stop reading I love it😍
i started reading it friday night, & i'm already on ch. 15 I am hooked on this story ! XD It reminds me of "future diary" , but reverse. Like Yuki is the one who is crazy and yuno is being targeted. I think of it as its own story, there is no relation whatsoever to yuri on ice in my eyes I cant wait to see where the story goes. If anyone wantsvto read it online without paying coins/money mangago.com has it mangahere.com also has it too!
Whole fudging manga had me on edge 😂😭😭 but still ready for more