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When you were looking at your baby, Hoseok suddenly tapped you anxiously.
You turned to the side and saw Go Hae Soo.
What does she want now?
Everything started to revolve around her all of a sudden. She smirked and grabbed your collar. She pulled you in closer and whispered in your ear.
"Break up with Jimin."
You looked at her in pure disgust.
She was the woman who almost killed your baby and you. Now she wanted you to break up with Jimin.
Hoseok immediately went in front of you, trying to stop Go Hae Soo.
"Go. She needs to rest."
You've never seen Hoseok so serious in his life.
His facial expression was cold, harsh, and filled with hate.
"You think I'm going to leave because of a little boy?"
"Stop Hoseok."
You tried to stop him, but he refused.
"NO y/n. You can't do this-"
"Hoseok please. I got this."
He slowly retreated to his spot and you talked to Hae Soo.
"Break up with Jimin."
"I told you no."
"Honey.. think before you speak. Are you even thinking of the consequences that would happen to Jimin if you keep refusing?
"Yes. Consequences. He would be taken off the CEO chair."
"You can't-"
"I can. Killing him."
You froze. No.. you can't let this happen to Jimin.
"Why are you doing this to me?"
"I told you. I want to make my life and my son's life happier."
"But why am I in this?"
"Because you're with Jimin. That just makes you life harder. Well.. I already showed some photos to Jimin with you and that-"
She pointed to Hoseok and rolled her eyes.
"- that boy."
"He probably thinks you're cheating on him, and he will call any second now."