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waaahhhh... our finale day is here.. i'm gonna miss this drama a lot... here is the eng subs of the preview: The Master's Sun 주군의 태양 GS: I have changed JW: Wasn't there any meaning during the time you were away? GS: My soul has made many promises GS: Please don't call me JW: She said she'll message GS: It's just a story about people in love Kim: From what I know, he repeated that if there's something to be brought over he'll wait JW: You leave GS: I love you, I miss you JW: Tae Yang you're awake? TYR: In order not to lose you, I will grab hold of you JW: I am totally....charismatic till death GS: JJW-ssi wanna come to me? (c) axerine_1 at soompi thread
I watched this part many times I like how he wanted to cooperate in her dream
lol... ^^
@nylamrehs i will tonight after i get home from work.. while u all will be watching 17
your welcome @nonabisi... you should watch ep 16 already... it was good... ^^
i didn't get to watch ep 16 yet and this is a major spoiler but i love it ... this brought a smile to my morning thank you unnie @nylamrehs
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