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[Mature Content]
I was sent into the darkest streets of Seoul, South Korea for only one purpose.
Murder Mr.Xiao, a gang leader who owed a fortune to my boss but with his deadline being long past due, my boss wanted him dead.
I thought my mission was going to be simple; track, kill, return.
Just like the rest I was assigned
but I was wrong.
My boots softly touched the ground as I quietly walk down the narrow small streets of Seoul, half my body was pressed against the wall in order to be as camouflaged as I can with the darkness.
It was an hour passed midnight and just as I presumed there weren't many signs of human around the area. It was clear to everyone that these streets lurked danger in every corner, especially at night.
Soon enough I heard laughter and came to a halt. Just ahead of me was the intersection, I was in the right far corner and there he was, Mr. Xiao along with plenty of his members in the far left corner.
They were all inside what seemed to be a garage, some standing guard while the others looked as he played poker with others I had no idea of, but looked of importance. I glared at him from afar as he laughed at his companions, smoking the old man looked as if he had no other worry in the world. Like if he didn't owe a fortune to a dangerous drug lord back in Mexico who was in fact very angry.
Taking a deep breath I raised my gun pointing at him. I almost wanted to laugh out loud of how easy this mission came to be.
The sooner I was done with this the better. I would get a higher paycheck, get my rank boosted up and get to have a good small amount of time here in South Korea all by myself.
Luckily from where I stood he wasn't that far as I was trained to shoot from much farther than where I currently was.
Closing my left eye I looked just above my gun making sure it pointed directly at Mr. Xiao. If I missed I knew it was only going to complicate ending this, and I knew if I did miss, he would have very much escaped.
Just as I was about to pull the trigger someone from behind me roughly grabbed me pulling me back.
I squeaked in complete surprise but immediately dove into action, but before I could mutter a word a hand clasped onto my mouth, keeping me from uttering a word. I trashed in his arms growling furiously as I was pulled into a corner only to then be slammed into a wall.
"Just what the hell do you think you're doing." The man in front of me angrily hissed as he held a knife to my throat.
My eyes widen as I look at the man in front of me. He was indeed handsome, brown hair with perfect bangs, tan skin from what I could muster although it was dark, thick lips, big round eyes. The only thing that made him look undesirable was the murderous and clearly angry look on his face.
I narrowed my eyes at him giving him my own fair share of a glare and said, "What does it look like?" I knew saying this was only going to put me in more trouble and possibly a slower death if he was one of Mr. Xiao's puppets. But I didn't want to show my fear, I was going to die looking fearless.
He just stood there glaring straight at me. If looks could kill I'll be dead right now, luckily they don't.
"You can't kill him." The man in front of me said in a determined way. As if it was impossible.
"And why the hell not?" I hissed inching closer to him which ended up being a mistake as it only made the knife that was being held against my throat stab me deeper, this time drawing blood.
I automatically stepped back.
He shook his head slowing narrowing his eyes at me.
I was growing more pissed and annoyed with the man in front of me by the second. What the hell was he doing? Or Trying to do? Is he one of Xiao's people or not?
He has to be. He clearly just told me not to kill him.
But why am I still breathing? If he is he should have already shot me dead within seconds of finding me. But if he's not...
"This clearly isn't going anywhere." He muttered to himself before looking up at me with a scary glint in his eyes. That was when I noticed he smelled of alcohol.
I gulped and adjusted myself getting ready for anything, looking for any moment from him. I was not going down without a fight. And if this idiot was drunk, the easier it'll be for me to escape.
But he did the unthinkable.
He took out his cell phone and started punching in letters.
My eyes widened, was he telling Mr. Xiao I was here? Is he going to get more of his friends? What will they do to me?
Disturbing scenarios started popping in my head making me fear for my life.
I took this as luck on my side and punched him in the stomach, hard.
He grunted holding his stomach in pain where I just punched him. I quickly gave him a roundhouse making him fall to the ground on his side.
Breathing heavily I sprinted down the opposite way, away from him. Away from Mr. Xiao. Today is not my day, I thought but was thankful to have gotten away.
Or so I thought.
I rounded a corner still running for my life, my boots now making hard loud noises. My heart beating unevenly as well as my breathing. I ignored the freezing air as it touched my exposed neck and passed easily through my thin black shirt.
Although it was better than running with a buttoned-up coat.
I skipped a street that went towards left still running forward not wanting to come to a possible dead end or them. Up ahead of me I saw an intersection and I knew I could lose them with this.
Suddenly the sight in front of me made me feel like I had been punched hard in the chest like if all the air has been sucked out of me making me come to an immediate stop with my eyes wide open.
As I was nearing the intersection road that was just a couple feet away from me a black van suddenly came into my view rounding the corner towards my way, and fast.
No, I thought, No No No. I kept repeating it in my head again and again. This was not supposed to happen! I did my best to control my breathing intake absolutely not wanting to faint at this moment. I felt my chest expand and contracts with every labored breath, by now my knees were trembling horribly, I feared they would give in.
I turned around deciding to take my chances on the street that headed towards left that I mistakenly decided to skip over.
Only to then stop again.
In front of me was the handsome man from earlier speed walking to my direction knowing he had me, he was just a couple feet away from me. The way he moved steadily but quickly I could tell he was not happy at all. He was very angry.
It's not like I hit him in the nuts? I couldn't help but think.
I heard the screeching of a car stop and turned around to find multiple men completely dressed in black outfits and black hats coming out of it.
I cursed a whole list of rainbow words clearly not fond of my situation right now.
Without thinking clearly I commanded my hand to go for my back pocket to get out my other gun I had earlier decided to bring along incase anything happened since the bastard from earlier wasn't stupid enough to leave my other gun with me as he took it gracefully.
I turned around again trying to find him so I could shoot him and if luck was on my side, get away.
As if he already knew what I was planning to do by the time I had fully turned around with my gun raised mid-air I heard the sound of a gun going off.
Everything happened like a blur and before I knew it the force of the bullet hitting me above my right breast taking me by surprise knocked me to the ground.
I was all to soon welcomed by the familiar yet unwanted pain of being shot as I clutched the area that was above my right breast as blood began to ooze out rapidly.
"Bastard." I forced out as I tried to get up on my side. I knew perfectly well he heard exactly what I said, by the trophy smile on his face, it was crystal clear.
I sucked in a pit of air hoping it will gain me enough strength to get up but it only caused more blood to ooze out.
But that was the least of my worries, I had to get out of here and fast. But how?
Clenching my teeth I pushed all my might, only luckily but painfully getting up to my side.
I looked down to my elbow that was holding me up and grimaced.
I was losing a lot of blood.
I was too occupied thinking about my situation that before I knew it I was crying out as a heavy object roughly pushed onto my back.
My eyes wander to find a leg stepping on my left side. A slight relief washed over me knowing at least it was away from where the bullet had stricken.
"Now, did you really think you had a chance on getting away from us." The handsome-geesh I wish I already knew his name so I could stop calling him that-man said from my left side smiling down at me pride clearly showing on his face.
The man who had his leg on me also grumble out a laugh. It only sent more fluid into my rage. Were they going to let me bleed out like this? Die out here on the hard cold concrete floor. Did they not know I was already suffering down here. Then again these men were cruel, they don't give two shits about what happens to me.
"What are we going to do about you pretty face? Since I mistakenly missed your heart." He smirked shaking his head as if this was completely normal to him. I wasn't going to lie saying that didn't add the slightest fear in me. This man was crazy.
"Daehyun enough. Your drunk, stand down." A deep voice called out.
I could feel myself losing conscious by the second. Darkness invading my sight but also welcoming white shiny spots. I couldn't hear anything by this point, I couldn't focus on anything. That only made my breathing become harder as I started getting worried. What was happening to me? Why do I feel so heavy?
I was jolted back to reality when I felt cold fingers grasp my chin forcing me to look up. Slowly trying to control my breathing I tried to get a good view of him but because of his hat, I couldn't make out any feature from him, the darkness doing a good job of hiding him from my sight.
"Who are you?" Even though it was a questioned it sounded more like a demand, surprisingly his voice was gentle.
I opened my mouth but wasn't sure what to say. Whatever I said I knew it wasn't going to chance their minds about me. I was a threat, an enemy clearly in their eyes. Why did they care? What difference did it make? Why did they keep asking who was I?
But before I even had control to do anything my breath suddenly hitched and darkness surrounded me.

Hey guys this is my first time ever making a k-idol fanfiction story and I am really excited on how It'll turn out and the feedback I'll receive. So how was it? I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Himchan has forever been one of my ub biases since forever ilhsm and I really just wanted to make a gang B.A.P story since there isn't much (not that I could find). So, this is just the beginning! Also 'infiretatchabooty' is my name on wattpad but I think I'll take it down since I like it more here on Vingle. By the way please excuse my grammar if it's bad I'll do a better job on the next update!

~~ Chao Chao ~~

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