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Im Jae Bum Must have felt so so so happy that he couldn't even talk. All the emotions together..
He was the Happiest Leader alive...when they won the BONSANG award of the year, which is the ("Main Prize"). GOT7 Community is very proud and JB'S # 1 fan @TaraJenner inform me of the importance of this prize..
The Bonsang Awards is awarded to up to 12 artist by calculating album and digital sales with online votes and a final judgement by the judges of the Award.. Just in case you guys didnt know of the award they were just awarded..
And thats why JB looks so happy well they all look happy but him, as a leader looks proud.. very proud.. he couldn't even talk..
and the boys were all amazing.. they have work very hard to gain all the awards they have earned untill now.
YoungJae..Youngjae..well I will make a card separate for him I noticed that lately he has caught the attention of the photographers..and is not because he looks amazing with the new hair, he was always gorgeous to me. usually I had hard time finding updated pics up him because they dont really take lots of picture of YoungJae..but lately they do.. thats what had to happened long time ago I was waiting for this.. and finally they let him out..haha well thats how I put it..he has such an amaizing voice..I still like JB'S best but he has an amaizing voice..He was on "King of Mask Singer" and made it to the second's that?
Our Maknae went to "Hit The Stage" and Got First place..I mean.. I think of all the things they have accomplished and start tearing my self..
Jackson is the king of Varity shows I mean I dont even have to say anything . like everyone wants Mark and BamBam the same not as much as Jackson but also get invited very often to variety shows even together as AmeriThaiKong..
and our JinYoungie.. well you now he is an actor and what he has done lately he has shown every one how talented he is from long time ago but his latest work first was the movie " Snow" and then on " Legends of the Blue Sea"..I think people will noticed him more.. and our leader ..JB has been composing composing and composing..he will become one of the best in their line of work he sings too, he has a unforgettable voice like many of those "best 10" in korea soon he will be composing for other JYP groups and eventually he will have his own copyright or even debut by himself. He already share some songs with us remember?.. that makes me think.. but thats me talking ..making assumptions..
here are some more of these I posted this morning but I included again just in case you guys didnt see it.
I wanted one that we can actually see the performance but is not published yet.. as soon as i get it I will post it.. if any one finds it first dont forget to tag this is the reactions ..

and this I didnt post it.. here is..

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GOT7 is truly amazing group.
😢😢yes😢😢I know right?😢😢😢