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Hello once again everyone! Today marks the end of the second week, and I am here to wrap up the theme of...

Favourite Performances/Fancams!

Yes! I will be sharing some of my personal favourites, along with why I chose to share them. So let's dive right in!

Live Dance Cover of NCT 127, BTS, and Block B!

This was my very first SF9 video, and I remember stumbling upon it like it was only yesterday. I was taken away by their synchronization and precision, even more so when I found out they still hadn't debuted at the time!! They covered three of my favourite songs; Firetruck, I Need U, and Her. Of course, I was singing along the entire time.

Special Stage Performance of SechSkies' "PomSaengPomSa"

This performance was absolutely joy bringing. I loved seeing them so energetic and they looked like they were having so much fun!! Their smiles and custom uniforms were just too much for me to handle. Definitely one of my favourite covers.

Fanfare CUBE Live Ver.

I can't even count how many times I squealed when watching this video. I downloaded the audio to my phone, since I LOVED the acoustic style. During the video, I couldn't keep my eyes on one person (I'm sorry Dawon!!). Zuho, Chani, and Hwiyoung were so cute as they played along together. Jaeyoon's dimples struck my heart each time they showed. THE HARMONIES. My ears were blessed by this live version.

Fanfare and Heart Attack Relay Dance Ver.

This was the very first relay dance I stumbled upon, and can I just say...THANK YOU TO WHOEVER THOUGHT OF THIS IDEA. I love how each member gets their own screentime and focus at least twice. In Fanfare, I was dying of laughter thanks to Inseong and Jaeyoon, mesmerized by Taeyang, Youngbin, and Chani's dancing, screaming at Hwiyoung and Dawon's cuteness, and left speechless at Rowoon and Zuho's overflowing chic. Taeyang and Zuho's bodyrolls in Heart Attack killed me, as well as Hwiyoung and Rowoon's adorable smiles... Inseong and Jaeyoon were out of control again, and Dawon, Chani, and Youngbin were so cute doing the dance, too. SOMEONE COLLECT THESE BOYS.

MAMA 2016 Red Carpet Performance: Fanfare

They all looked so good in red and white. Who decided to put them in suits?? They look too good, it should be illegal. The dance break caught me off guard the first time I watched this performance. It was just too good to not include in this card. Seriously, it's like they've been performing on stage for years with the skill that they've mastered. I also included the dance practice version of the performance, just so it was easier to see the full choreography from one angle!

So Beautiful (너와 함께라면) Live

The vocal line's performance for "So Beautiful" was astonishing. It was a perfect heaven to watch and listen to. The harmonies were just so on point, and the members were so cute as they sang and danced in front of their fans. If only I could've been there... I also included a Live Radio version, which is a bit clearer, but nonetheless breathtaking!

Which one was your favourite?? Have you fallen in love with them yet?? I hope so!!

Keep a look out for tomorrow, with the next theme being:

SF9 Members as Fictional Characters!

→Sensational Feeling Squad←

↓Sensational Feeling Fam↓

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They have so much potential to be the next big group like BTS or GOT7