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Hello Melody! Its Melissa, one of BtoB mod supporters. BtoB Dramatic Saturday is my weekly feature. As you might know, some of the members are actors and participate in variety of variety shows. In this feature, we will sharing with you some dramas and other related shows of BtoB.
The first member we will be starting with is Sungjae. As you know, Sungjae is becoming a well know actor besides being a member of BtoB.
Let's start with his drama list, When a Man's in Love (2013) guest role Monstar (2013) Arnold (Men in Black member) Heirs (2013) Himself (ep. 4) Reply 1994 (2013) Sung Join (Na Jung's brother in 2013) Plus Nine Boys (2014) Kang Min Gu main role Who Are You: School 2015 (2015) Kong Take Gwang main role Goblin (2016) Yoo Deck Hwa main role Let's start with his small roles first.
His first acting role was in 'When a Man's in Love'. I couldn't find a clip of him in it. You'll have to watch the drama to see it. This drama is pretty good, so it won't be a waste of your time.
Monstar is another drama that he had a small role. His role was Arnold, who was one of the members of Men in Black. Plus some bts and clip of the drama.
Heirs is drama where BtoB appeared as themselves. Plus clip from the drama.
Reply 1994 is another drama that Sungjae had a small role. You can tell his acting was improving. Plus clips of his role in the drama. Well that's all for BtoB Dramatic Saturday. Next week we will continue on with Sungjae's main role dramas.
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I love him....and he is so good in Goblin.
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A role he's had but I didn't see up there is The Village: Achiara's Secret. He made an adorable cop.