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Elo my sweet Snow Bunnies

Hopr you all are staying warm this winter... unless you're part of the southern hemisphere hope you're enjoying your summer.
As you noticed by the title...

I'm clapping back...

yeah that right I'm gonning for ya @BabydollBre muhahahahahahaha She knows what she did xD Told ya I was gonna mess with your AOMG feelz Now don't go thinking that this is it... much more to come

Ugly Duck ft Reddy & JJJ - Asia

some duckie aince he the man that trigger this targettinv xD

Jay Park & Ugly Duck - PLP

hoodddd ddddd. ddddd ddddd hooddddd. ddddd ddddd dddd

Jay Park - On It

Boss Jay boo coming for ya with the truth

Jay Park ft Gray & Simon Dominic - Metronome

From Make up to break
Time for the final blow Simon/Jay/Loco/Ugly Duck [sorry if i miss someone] - Who Are You
Now Now don't go misunderstanding the situation lol I'm not mad at @BabydollBre its just she challenge me .... so I'm gonna show her that like a Boss I'll take the challenge and slay it...
ahhhh I wake up to Duck fck! Why she gotta use my baby daddy against me? Yah! who told you to use metronome and then to get Jay bae to attack me 😭😭😭😭😭 I smell war, I'm coming back from this! 😈😈😈😈😈😈
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@royalpandajedi I'm not scared! let the feelz way commence
Why am I in the crosshairs???? *throws phone*
Wow! 😲