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Please Forgive Me....

I Was Going To Post This Earlier....But I Was Busy With Chores((Gotta Pay Back My Parents For Getting Me That $200 BTS Concert Ticket Somehow hehe ^^;))

He Would Likely Become A Street Dancer

He Would Likely Become An Artist

He Would Likely Become The Shyest But Sweetest Boyfriend❤

((The Amount Of Fluff I Wrote About Him.....I CANNOT ;-;))

He Would Likely Become A Vocal Coach

He Would Likely Become An Instagram Model

((Such Beautiful Selcas❤))

Do You Think I Missed Anything? Please Let Me Know~

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Jungkook is mostly likely to be whatever he wants^^ He's talented in almost everything☺
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he is a walking meme!! a cute Lil walking meme!!!☺☺