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Naruto Battles are Back!

I'm pleased to announce that Naruto Battles are returning to the Naruto community! Each week, I or another member of the Naruto mod team will introduce a new battle, and YOU get to choose the winner!

In this week's battle, Kakashi and Jiraiya will face off in a battle of the pervy mentors!

Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi is a natural prodigy, evidenced by his rapid rise through the ninja ranks. His feats and renown cause him to be recognized on sight by foreign ninja like Zabuza Momochi, Kidōmaru and the Fourth Raikage, deemed a dangerous opponent by Itachi Uchiha, and viewed by Pain as a major threat to Akatsuki's plans. To his allies in Konoha, Kakashi is valued highly for his combat prowess and leadership skills, such that many foresaw his rise to Hokage status years before it happened. The Sage of Six Paths believed Kakashi's greatest strength is as a teacher to Team 7 and as a friend to Obito Uchiha, vital factors in Kaguya Ōtsutsuki's defeat.

In general, Kakashi is a very versatile man with high proficiency in countless areas; Naruto Uzumaki says Kakashi is smarter than Shikamaru Nara, has a better sense of smell than Kiba Inuzuka, is more adept with the Sharingan than Sasuke Uchiha, and has better taijutsu skill than Rock Lee. He isn't seen using genjutsu very often, but his ability to keep up with and endure the genjutsu used by various Uchiha demonstrates his competency.


Like his fellow students of the Third Hokage, Jiraiya is an exceptionally talented shinobi. It wasn't until the Second Shinobi World War that their skills became widely known; dubbed by Hanzō as the Sannin, the strongest of their generation. He was offered the position of Hokage three times, and would have been offered it a fourth time had he lived longer. Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki of Akatsuki prefer to avoid a fight with Jiraiya as Itachi estimating that both he and Kisame would be killed, even with more aid. During his long career as a ninja, Jiraiya has had only two near-death experiences, once by fellow Sannin, Tsunade, and once by Naruto Uzumaki in a Nine-Tails' version 2 form (though both came from people he cares for with the latter he focused more on containing rather than defeating). Though he finally dies against Nagato, Nagato believes Jiraiya would have won had he known the secret of the Six Paths of Pain, which Tobi feels is a major testament to the Sannin's abilities.

Your votes determine the winner, so comment how you think it would go down and who wins!

The winner will be announced next week along with the next battle!
Results HERE

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My vote goes to Jiraiya, not because of a difference in strength or intellect or anything so conventional, but because he can take Kakashi down with 1 word: "spoiler!" There is precedent for Kakashi to be distracted in battle by the threat of Icha Icha spoilers, and who better to play that card than the man who wrote them himself!? I would love to see this play out, complete with live commentary from Naruto and Minato, while Hashirama and Tsunade gamble over the results! Oh, it's all coming together! 😂
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@rafasasoriza lol, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Here it is!! Boom!! Dang making this one a hard choice bc it's like do I choose who I like better? Can I have favorites haha!! They both are killer and I can't wait to see who has the voice and outcome in the end!! Everyone let's see who is the winner hear??😜🤙👑
I think they're equal in power because I believe they both can beat the six paths of pain making them equal and both have have unmastered power kakashi has the magekyou sharingan not mastered and Jiraiya has the incomplete form for sage mode not only that but both have summonings and even though kakashi's dogs look weak they can do serous damage There fight will probably end like Narutos and Sasukes
haa right lol took the words from my mouth,let use see @LuffyNewman.
Haha @FlotiNMusiCNotE right it's the truth NAKAMA
In the case of perverted-ness battle, Jiraiya wins! 100% master of pervy.
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