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SO BEAST! 안녕하세요, 비스트 모드 스쿼드 입니다! (SO BEAST! Hello, we are BEAST Mod Squad!) *Throwing double peace signs* Hello Beauty! Its Melissa, one of Beast mod supporters. I'm supporting the group on Saturdays. This week's theme is Shipping. Since I'm supporting the group, I've decided to ship them with other groups. While looking for possible ships for them, I came across this.
Has anyone heard of She-Be-In? or of Shabi? Its the chemistry of Shinee, Beast and Infinite. Shabi is someone who is fan of Shinee, Beast and Infinite. They personally think that these three groups are the idol representatives of this generation.
I love that these three groups have such a connection with each other. Well that's all for this week's Beast Saturday. I hope you enjoyed it.
I love these groups. They are really great people.
@sukkyongwanser Yes they are so Awesome!
@KDramaKPop1015 so very true! I totally agree with you.
These three groups are amazing!!! Full of talented boys who haven't let others get in the way of their dream, making music and sharing it with others. It's just a benifit for us that they're beautiful people inside and out.
I am all for this! I love all three groups. I love their friendships.