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WARNING: Mild language, but not too bad! Wanted to give a heads up~


Today sucked. Period.
Well, at least tonight sucked.
The performance went great. IU was completely focused and she seemed happier. She didn't talk to me but she kept sneaking glances my way, watching my every move. As if to make sure she would see if I was to tell anyone her little secret.
But, being the upstanding citizen I am, I haven't even told one single soul. Except you. But I mean, come on. Who are you gonna tell?
Anyways, after the performance I headed to the practice room to meet with him. And she followed behind. I honestly didn't mind her coming with us. It was a blast with her last night and I thought tonight would be the same. Dancing, laughing, and just two worn-out idols and one socially-awkward back-up dancer having fun. But no. It couldn't be like that.
As soon as we went in, she ran towards him and practically jumped in his arms. I was completely thrown off and by the looks of it, so was he. She let go and grabbed both of his arms, asking cutely if she could join us today.
He obviously said yes, as to who could resist her. (Note the sarcasm in my writing)
So we started up another one of her songs and I went to stand by his side right? And she pushed me out of the way so she could stand between us. I tumbled over and thankfully stayed on my two feet. But when I looked over, she was obviously giving me the look.
You know the look, don't you? The one girls give other girls to know that they are stepping on their territory. It was like she was telling me to back off or something. I tried to ignore it but as we kept on dancing, she kept on preventing me from even getting within 4 feet of him.
LIKE WHAT THE HECK. Mad? Me? No, I am not mad, Diary. I am just... upset. T-T
After a few crap hours of that, we then left and we headed home again and this time, IU made sure to talk all about him. Like as if she was showing how much she knows him or some stupid thing like that. And when we parted ways she said she would see me tomorrow.
We don't even have practice tomorrow or a performance, so that could only mean one thing. She was coming to practice with us again.
I just now make a friend and she wants to come in and try to ruin that? Well guess again. No way in hell am I putting up with that 'I am so cute, love me' act. It's on girl. Just know you started this and I am not one to give up easily.
Bring it.

Ah, man what is Arya going to do?!

I guess we will see tomorrow ;)

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It's getting good. love a good girl fight ๐Ÿ˜
Wait, what!!?!?!??! I will fight you IU I will literally fight you!! Smack smack!!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Well that pisses me off like, that's Arya's man she found him first, FIGHT ME RN IRL
Oohh snaps!!!!