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Flash 7~ It takes a while for me to go back to YG. I can't just walk in there and demand to see him. It would attract too much attention. Unwanted attention. The kind that could get the both of us in trouble. I mean, have you ever seen YG himself, mad? I haven't...... And i don't want to, but I've sure as hell heard the legends from the staff. Was there someone on the inside that I could phone to get me in? Mino? No, he'd pester me about details. Hmmm. Chanwoo? No no, I couldn't make things awkward with him and his hyung. I'd call Daesung but he's still tourinf in Japan, so there's no way he could help. Sam doesn't even hang around the building anymore. Who knows where she's gone to, though, rumors claim she got hired at TS Entertainment. Oh well. Out of options, except for the small hope that YG would call KpopINT to set something up. Anything. "You okay?" Jojo poked my cheek with one of her long fingers. I lifted my head and stared at her, then laid it back down on the table. I wasn't in the mood to get interviewed with 'what's wrong?' questions today. "Yeah, I'm just a little drained." "Drained?" Her voice an octave higher from the surprise. "What's up? Lately you've been looking like something has been eating at you." I curl my toes to keep my body from shivering. "Yeah, I'm fine. I just need a day off to relax." "Hmm. Is this because of Youngja-" My head shot up. "Jojo." I growled. "We don't speak of that name." She grinned at me. "There we go, that's the savage Sail I know." "Shut up." "Fine. By the way, Sam was trying to reach you earlier. I told her you were running late." I grab my phone from my pocket and swipe it on. ~1 new messages~ Sam eonni: "We need to talk." You know those out of body experiences where you can see your own body? Yeah. I felt that. I physically felt like I watched the color drain from my face. "You okay? Sam threatening you?" Jojo asked, trying to peer over my shoulder to look. I clear my throat and try to smile. "Probably, but that's Sam, right?" "What did you do?" She asked, glancing me with cat curious eyes. I stood up and straighten my sweatshirt. "Nothing. I think she just wants to chat. Haven't seen her in a bit so Imma go drop by TS." Jojo tilt her head as if to be contemplating something major. "Want me to tag along?" "No no. I'll be fine. She just wants to chat." I smile as sweetly as possible and skid out of the room before she could invite herself along regardless. Pfftt. Can I take a second once again to remind you why I hate running? No no. I'm not running from a bunny this time. I'm running from two dorks. Two dorks that ambushed me as soon as I entered TS entertainment because I SWEAR they smelled my fear. "Here's no point in hiding, we know this place inside and out," Daehyun yelled down the hall. He was right. I shouldn't be running. Do I just give and pray for my soul? "Aishh-" "Gotcha!" Jongup jumped from the around the corner, throwing his arms around me to stop me from escaping. "Come on, noona wants to talk." "I know that, but you don't have to chase me like I'm prey," I retort, trying to break free. "We've heard a lot about you from noona. The famous Sailboat. Destroyer of all that is sweet and innocent. Savage." Daehyun laughed as he caught up and linked his arm around me to keep me from running. "First of all, my name is Sail. Sailynn is the full name. I only let a select few call me Sailboat. Secondly, Destroyer of what? No. I AM sweet and innocent. Lastly, savage? Have you not heard of the one they call Jojo? Now SHE'S savage." Daehyun and Jongup laughed. "Is the legend true? Is that Noona's nightmare?" Himchan asked, running up to us. "The one and only," Jongup winked at me. "Careful, she's a live one," Daehyun added. I rolled my eyes. "You can let me go, I'm not going to run. I came here on my own free will didn't I? What do I win if I run?" "Hmmm. She's a smooth talker. I like her already." Zelo smirked from the doorway up ahead. Daehyun and Jongup release my arms. I take a moment to stretch them before pivoting on my heels to run back the way I came, only this time, I was caught before I could even take a step. The two men grabbed my arms once more and pinned me against the wall with a soft thud. "She is a live one," Himchan snickered. I drop my head and stare at my feet. It's not fun running in TS. Hence why I never visit. "SAAAMMMM," I yelled. From behind Zelo, I could here a scatter of feet. As the steps grew closer, I lifted my head and turned towards the noise. The storming thumps heading my way. My death. "Sam." I repeated. "Eonni-" "Don't 'eonni' me." She growled. I couldn't help but smirk. "Is this really necessary?" I said, glancing at the two towers holding me. Everyone was a tower to me, even Sam. "You know why you're here," she hissed. I drop my head again. "Yeah. I know." "So what did you do?" "I-" "I haven't seen Jiwon in days. Last time I saw him, I tried asking him how your date went but he dodged my question. Figured he was just teasing me about it. I asked the next time I saw him, and he got quiet. Bobby doesn't get quiet when you're the topic. SOMETHING happened. I asked him one more time and he walked away." My head shot up. "Sam, I-" "HE WALKED AWAY SAIL. Do you NOT understand how serious this is!? WHAT did you do?" I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. "Damn, noona is scary when she's mad," Daehyun whispered to the other members who only bobbed their heads in agreement. I bit my lip and lowered my head. "I'll fix it..... eonni." The words came out in an airy whisper. Jongup and Daehyun finally releasing me. "Kay. Next time I see him and he's not back to regular Bunny, I'm bringing Jojo into this." "Noona, is Jojo scarier than Sail?" Himchan asked quietly. "Be careful with Sail and Jojo," Sam answered. "One is mighty and the other is feisty." I bowed goodbye. With Zelo and Himchan guiding me back to the entrance, I was able to enjoy a bit of silence to plan out my next move. "You okay?" Zelo said, poking my cheek. I jerked my head in his direction so fast he flinched. "Well. I could be better, but I have a bunny to cure. So maybe I needa.... hop to it." Himchan snorted. "Oh god, you're worse than I thought." They waved goodbye as I got in the taxi. Did I fear Sam? No. Most definitely not. But I definitely need to fix this. Whatever it takes..... I need to fix this. "Miss," the driver said, pulling up to the front entrance. "We're at YG Entertainment."
And so it has begun......
Season 1: Season Finale~ Flash 6
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