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Man I never felt so bi-polar until after watching this episode...gosh I love it and yet hated it. It was perfect, but unsatisfying...like I said I became bi-polar for an hour. Well let's begin the recap for the second to lat episode T-T: 1) So JW stops her from going by using Little Sun and I just have to say that it's epic with her acting! Hahaha.... :P 2) Whoa I did not expect that kiss between KW and Little Sun at all, but he seem completely fine with it...maybe a love connection is finally building between them? 3) They finally have a cute real date, but it then gets ruin by the little ghost boy who needs to say his mom...sigh... 4) He let's her go, because he doesn't want to be selfish...I DON'T CARE if you are selfish you should have been like stay here! Which I guess he was trying too, but the girl is stubborn... Tae is killing me... 5) JW CRIED! Now this scene got to me a lot, maybe because I never expected the cool-head JW to cry! And then he painfully whispers that she never once said that she loves him, even after he confess to her! T-T 6) 375 DAYS pass by since she left him and you can tell how much he suffer, just by the fact he said that she has left him for 375 days.... 7)That ending! Ugh....I did like it, but then (this is where the bi-polar hits the most!) I was like no...it was good I like how he use the same words that she told him to call her (irony) but then I love how it wasn't over-dramatic like how most dramas tend to do...it was different. Well hopefully the FINAL EPISODE well leave us satisfy with tears of joy. Comment your thoughts on today's episode and what you are excepting from the last episode. :)
Yes we are in the same boat, but hey have you check out the drama Secret yet? It's a pretty good drama too and I'll also be making cards out of that drama too. :)
HAHA right cant help it and really don't want it to end :-(
I feel your pain. It was a love-hate feeling through the show. Can't wait to see the final episode but I don't want it to end. There I go going bipolar again.
I get the bi-polar bit because this epi had me going up and down with my emotions ..... I get she wanted to work on herself ...KW and that kiss through me off not sure how I felt about it still .... Little ghost boy I felt she was being undoly hard on him he's just a little ghost kid and why didn't her find help him out .. (Not sure about him on that point) why spoil a perfectly good date grrr ......JW cried tore me apart seeing she cried for him saying he couldn't cry before ...... The fact that she was gone for 375 days and didn't seem to be looking for him she couldn't even recognize his voice messed me up ... Side note the shoot of him waking up in bed alone just look as thou she was missing laying next to him the way the blanket was placed still a bit freak out waiting for next epi I'm sure I will feel more complete about it (sigh) I hope :)