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Hello my peeps!! So it has been a while since I have been on Vingle. This is the second chapter of Monsters. I apologize for just now posting. after the first I moved to Japan and was very busy the first month and a half. In case you need a recap here is the link for the first chapter I hope you all enjoy. Without further adieu the second chapter MONSTERS: HIDDEN SUN REVELATIONS
MONSTERS: Hidden Sun Revelations "IT WAS THEM! THEY DID THIS TO YOU. I WANTED NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. THEY SAID THAT YOU WERE GOING TO BE FINE AND THAT NOTHING WOULD HAPPEN TO YOU." Those words.... I don't... I don't understand.... WHY?!... I stumbled walking back and all I could see was MJ on the bed still talking.... Vision blurring.... And then..... "THEY'RE STILL ALIVE!!" "Who is?! Whose still alive?!" "SIMON AMD HIS WIFE ALEXIS! THEY DID THIS TO YOU" My mind was reeling... Room spinning... Vision blurring... Inaudible voices.... I just can't believe those words. There is no way in hell. NO FUCKING WAY they would do this to me! I stumbled back, my legs feeling weak and felt my back hit something solid and slid down. I don't what this or what the fuck is going on but I sure as hell am going to find out. The silence was deafening. As I looked up, I noticed MJ had gotten out of her ties and was trying to sneak out the door. I got up and raced over to grab her. "Where the hell do you think you're going?" "Oh, shit!" She was almost out the door but I grabbed her by her waste and slammed the door shut with my foot. Kicking and screaming as I carried her back in "Let me go Jay, please! Just let me go! I don't want anything to do with this. I DON'T WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH ANY OF YOU!!" "I can't let you go now. NOW! Now you don't want to be involved? It's a little too late, don't ya think?! You've been involved since the beginning and never said anything. You could have ended all of this years ago. So why didn't you?! What did they promise you? Or should I say what did Simon promise you?!" She just looked at me shocked and surprised. I saw it. That flash of recognition of what I just said. She tried to hide it but it was too late. I knew what it was. I had always known what it was but because I was so in love with her, I wanted to believe that it wasn't true and everything was a figment of my imagination. And that's where I was wrong! "Idk... Jay... I just couldn't. I just couldn't do it.. I was scared out of my mind. I didn't know what they would do to me once I did everything they wanted." "Really? So... That's the fucking lie that you're gonna with you? Are you there aren't any other fucking reasons? I'm giving you a chance to come clean. I already know!!" "Look, Jay I have told you everything. I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ELSE AND THERE WEREN'T ANY OTHER REASONS!" "You a muthafuckin' lie and you know it. So you're gonna sit here and tell me, that Simon wasn't your reason for doing what you did?! How about a promise? A promise to leave Alexis for you?! What about that?! Huh?" MJ's eyes got big and her mouth dropped wide open. Shocked that I knew about her "secret" relationship with Simon. "How.. How did you know? There is no way you could have known! We were so careful!!" "Oh you were... You were very careful. But I had my suspicions. But do you want to know what sealed it for me?! I'll give you one guess?" I said as I walked toward her and met her at eye level. My face straight and the darkest my eyes could be seen looking through her own. "No no no.. We were careful.. THERE is nothing that could have...." "Did you figure it out?" "The pregnancy?! No no no... You couldn't have known." "Oh but I did! See when you came home that day to tell me you were pregnant, I was so excited. Until you mentioned how far along you were. 3 months.. You were 3 months pregnant.. And not to mention the conceiving date. Well guess what baby girl, I wasn't even here around that time. I was out on business for 3 weeks and you were busy fucking the person that I thought was my best friend!! I know. Shocking isn't it!" She slowly started moving back across the bed, like she was trying to escape a nightmare. The only problem. This nightmare was her reality. I grabbed her by her leg and pulled her closer. Held her wrists tight and made her look me in the eyes as I told her the seething truth she was trying to keep to herself. "See MJ. The problem with you is that you thought you had it all figured out. And for some time you did too. Until you became pregnant. I knew deep down that that kid wasn't mine but I needed to be sure. So I figured a paternity test. But see I wasn't the only person you told either. You told Simon as well and he was happy. Promising you this and that. He even told me that same night that things were going to be changing, but he wouldn't tell me why. He didn't want to share the good news. But before your joy came into this world, it was taken away from you. And by who?" "Alexis... Alexis took my joy away" she whispered while turning her head soni couldn't see the year she had shed. But I had no sympathy for her. They say you reap what you sew, well it looks that was just the beginning of her harvest. "That's right. Alexis... You two got into an argument and she shoved you so hard that you fell down some stairs and miscarried. I'm sure you thought she didn't know about your relationship with her husband but she did know. It left you devastated and once you were out of the hospital you came running back to me for comfort. But the fact of the matter is that very moment is when you decided to really betray me. The baby wasn't enough. Oh no.. You wanted everything she had and he promised you that. Yes I know.... This was just the beginning. But what you really wanted. The one thing Simon needed that I had was my empire. Am I right, MJ?" Her face was so priceless. The fact that I knew. But there was still something that bothered me. Simon and I shared this empire. Yea my half was probably larger but we still had the same. So what was it that he really wanted. There is something else. She started crying and nodded her head. "Yes alright. Yes. Its all true. I love Simon and that stupid bitch he calls his wife was, wait no is still in the way. And you.. You Jay.. I really did love you. I did." "Well MJ I honestly don't know if I can believe those fucking words coming out of that beautiful mouth of yours. But now, you're gonna help me and you have no choice. Just like you played with my life, I'm going to play with yours and there's. But first I do have to let someone in on our little secret." "I'm not playing your fucking game. I hate you Jay!" "Oh but baby girl you don't have a fucking choice. And I hate you too!" Walking out the door laughing I locked it to make sure she couldn't go anywhere. Sending cold chills down even my own spine. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!
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