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BTS Appreciation Week Day 7: Lets Get Personal (Reasons Why You Love BTS) *Final day!*

I've been an ARMY for about 2 years, and for today's theme i thought really hard but i came to a conclusion. I found BTS during a really hard time in my life, their music, performances and Bangtan Bombs/ Episodes helped me to become happy once again. I also discovered that the biggest reason i love BTS is because of these 7 human beings. ♡

1). Kim Namjoon

Our Smart and Caring Leader ♡ His courage and risks he took to follow his dreams regardless of being called a sellout and being told he would never make it. He showed me the true meaning of courage.

2).Min Yoongi

Our Genius Music Maker ♡ He struggled with himself, his family and there were many people who doubted him (His family included). He decided to share that with us in his mixtape. He showed me the true meaning of self strength.

3). Kim Seokjin

Our Oldest Dork ♡ Jin never fails to make me smile. His dorkiness and love of video games, dad jokes and flying kisses will always make my days brighter. He showed me that its okay to be yourself.

4). Jung Hoseok

Our Hope, And Our Angel ♡ He is an actual angel, J-hope always puts others before himself. He never fails to make those around him laugh and smile. He is someone who showed me the true meaning of hopefulness.

5). Park Jimin

My Bias, My Love ♡ Determined and hardworking, someone who proved that hard work does pay off, Jimin never gives up and tries to improve every single day. He inspired me to work hard at everything i do.

6). Kim Taehyung

Our Beautiful TaeTae ♡ A total sweetheart! He adores everyone in his life and has never hides it. Someone with a heart of gold. He showed me the true meaning of kindness.

7). Jeon Jungkook

Our Golden Maknae ♡ As the youngest member who debuted at 15 he missed a lot of his teenage years to become a singer. He sacrificed everything for his dreams. He is always so passionate in everything he does. He showed me what it's like to live passionately.
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😭😭 I love how much you love them, I love them too they teach me things everyday about life, and they're personalities are very humble which I adore. 💕
Thanks for opening up Vi 😃😁😁
I love JHope
I really Love Bts. To me they're perfect. I know that no human being can be perfect or cone close to perfect but Bts is just so perfect in my eyes. I know they're beings, I know they make mistakes, I know that they sometimes don't know what do and get lost just as easily as the rest of us but seeing how much they care for each other not just as a band but as family, seeing how they work so hard for us ARMY to the point where they're sick or dint feel good anymore but still keep working, or how they try to ignore everyone else who doubts them and keep fighting everyday, They are to me Perfect, and I love them very much
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Thank you☺
Thats really beautiful. Its hard to find something or someone that can inspire you like that.
Thank you Melissa 😊