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Make Money from your Smarpthone Photos

Yea, you could earn some beer money from all those snapping so why not get cracking?
@Benards looking forward to it!
@chickenNrice It is generally ok, quite fast to get your pictures approved or rejected. I put up a few photos just to test it out. There are a lot of apps you can use to improve the quality of the photos from your Galaxy Nexus and image enhancements are allowed. I am reviewing another RF Photo service for Smartphones right now....let you know how that goes.
@Benard Have you tried the service out? Seems pretty interesting, but I'm assuming it needs to be a stellar photo, especially since users are rating it before it can be sold. Think my crap Galaxy Nexus probably does not produce clear enough photos for this.
@viviimar nope, all free to register
you need pay a membership or something ?
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