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Does that mean my iPhone 5S is gonna go faster? For the wise, let's not be foolish.
@johnlee, @breath103. Please note that benchmarks mean very little in real world performance when you don't have the RAM storage to support it. If Apple was sincere, it cost them next to nothing to give you the additional RAM for the boost. Multiple apps running with just 1GB is ridiculous. The new camera sounds nice though.... 8-)
No it's not. even if iPhone using 1gb RAM, processor performance is take advantage from 64bit architecture anyway. can't say it's twice faster, but definitely it's faster then 32bit architecture. Also, there are lot of benchmark result of showing iPhone's 32bit and 64bit performance difference too.
So.... does this mean 64 bit processing in the 5s is useless? I was going to pick one up but the way you wrote the article makes me a little hesitant now...