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I sat in the park waiting for the sun to go down. My mind cant not seem to be at ease. It's been nights which i have avoid sleep. My dreams been all the same. All i dream is about this man, a man in a black cape over his face. The only thing i can see was his lips. Those lips which are smooth and pinkish. I always see this man coming out of the shadows, but when i try to see him. His own shade protects is identity.
The sun began to go down, and it was time to go home. I stand and began to walk home. Darkness crawled in and I totally forgotten that there's an alley in which i must take to get home . I began to take a different U-turn to go home without going through an alley. As I enter through a street a street which i have no clue of how so ever whats around, I began to put my headphones in to try to calm my anxiety. As I walked, my phone died and a complete silent came upon me. Then out of nowhere, a can appeared in front of my shoes. I panicked, my breathing just stop. In that moment i have forgotten what is air.
I look ahead and there he stands. The man in the black cape covering his face besides his lips. I knew i wasn't dreaming. I knew that this is true, that he is real. I began to walk backwards and just lock my eyes on him, making sure he don't close to me. Then I saw one of his eyes glow. I turn around and I began to run. I ran and try to find a spot to hide. I turn around to see if he was behind me, but i didn't see nothing. I stopped and began to look around. Then I saw a couple of boxes on a corner. I quickly ran towards it and hid behind the boxes. Then he appeared, but he didn't saw me. I cover my mouth and nose with my hands. Then he walked away. I let a small breath out. I stand and began to walk away. I look back and as I turn to a corner, everything went black.
My eyes began to open slowly, a blur vision of him appeared, but i cant seem to keep my eyes open.
"Hey, wake up. Wake up"
His voice, deep but scary. I forced myself to open my eyes and let my vision come together. Then I saw him, his face still covered with the black cape.
"who...who are you? What do you want?"
"You. I've been looking for you, Princess"
"Yes, you are a princess of another dimension."
"A what..."
I tried to stand but fell back down due to dizziness. He quickly grabbed me so I wont fall to the ground. I quickly push him off.
"Get away from me, please. I dont know who the hell you are, and to what ever your saying. You must be crazy"
"It's the truth Janera."
"How do you... oh my god this is driving me nuts. I dont know whats going on. You are in my dreams. This is only a dream."
"It's not a dream. This is real. Your dreams are signs of telling you that I was coming for you."
"Who are you?" "I am your future husband."
"My what... dude are you into something. I don't even have a boyfriend"
He helps me to a seat and he sat in front of me. Then he pulls out a ring. As i grab the ring and saw it. I quickly pulled out my necklace, which carries the same type of ring. I put them together. As i put them together, a white glow began to shine and then a huge light shine through the wall. I look and I saw myself holding flowers in a world which I never seen before.
"What is this?"
"This are your memories with mines together. This is who your are. "
I began to see myself. I look younger. I was wearing a gray dress. It was beautiful. Then a couple of flashes began to happen. Then i saw a small version of myself. I was playing with a boy. The boy was full of smiles and happiness. We was both laughing and playing tag together.
"Is the little boy you?"
"Yes, we knew each other since we was young children."
I smiled as I see the children play and the laughter filling in the room. Then I can see that we grew and grew together. We became teenagers. As i see myself growing up to a lady, I began to see him grew up as a man. He was very handsome.
"Your handsome, why you must cover yourself?" "Keep looking, Janera"
I look back to the screen, and I saw how we went on dates and we was close, very lose. Soon I saw how he purposed to me with the rings we have. Then everything went blak on the screen.
"What just happened?""Keep watching"
I then saw lighting and people running from something. Some was dropping dead with blood all over them. Then I saw that I was running and he was in front o me holding my hands. Then I saw him that hid me inside a car. He gave the driver some money and then I was gone. The last thing I saw was him being cut with a knife across his face. Then the light went away. I look down to where our rings are, and I saw that it has our initials. I carried his and he carried mines. I turn around and I gave him back his ring.
"Do you remember anything?" "No, im sorry.But I have seen this before. These scenes tat I have saw. I have seen it in my dreams."
"Do you know my name, from your dreams?" "No, that's the only thing i a don't know. All I know is that your a man of shadows. You only hide in the shadows of my dreams"
"My name is Gray"
"Hmm, Gray. Kind a suits you for who you are. The man in the shadows"
He chuckles an then he stands.
"Why you must cover yourself. Your handsome on the screen, so why not show yourself"
"It will scare you away"
"Why would it" "We live in a witch world. We are both witches. But then there's the bad ones. The wicked. They was the one that attacked our people. They wanted to kill you. So for me having you run off and not letting them get to you. They have cursed me with a terrible scar across my face."
"Gray, let me see please"
Gray turns around and faced me. His head is down, and all i can do is embrace myself from what I will see. Then he puts his hood down and he slowly lift his head up. He looks at me and all I can do is watch. I walked closer towards him, but he quickly walked back.
"Don't be afraid"
"I'm not just afraid, I just don't want you to see me this way"
"Gray, it's OK"
Gray looks up and we both made eye contact. I began to walk towards him till I was close enough to touch his face. I lift my hands up and I began to smoothly touch his face. The scar is deep and its long. But his eyes are still beautiful.
'I wish I knew who you are."
"So do I. What we had, I miss it"
Then all of a sudden. The front doorknob of the house began to shake. Gray quickly cover his face and grabbed my hand. we both began to run towards the back door of the house.
"What's happening...Gray answer me"
"The witches have been searching for you. Since I'm cursed. They follow me all the time. Now that i have you beside me. They know and they want you dead."
I looked at Gray and I froze.
"Janera, I wont let you go. Not this time and not ever. I promise you that."
I nod as I agree to his promise. Then I grabbed his hands and I began to follow him. He opened the back door and we began to walk out quietly. As soon as we left the yard of the house, Gray stopped.
"What is it? Gray, whats wrong"
Gray look up and I follow his eyes. I look up at the sky and I see a witch in the sky. She was slowly coming down, laughing.
"Well hello princess. Long time no see "
"Go away."
"Aw Gray, all I wanna do is play princess time with your bride."
"I said to Go Away!!" "Easy Gray, remember I have more control on you than what you have boy. So dont even try."
I looked at Gray and I just hold his hands tight. he looks at me and I began to nod to him to stop.Then i look at the witch with attitude.
"What i that you want from me"
"Your head bitch. What else you expect. Your royalty? Ha, your just full of joke." "No, the only person that's full of joke here, is you. I ain't no royal princess. I am more different than what you think."
The witch began to look at me very serious. Then she moved forward, and Gray put himself in front of me. I can see in her eyes that she wants him away. Then out of nowhere, she picked up her wand and pointed at Gray. Gray falls to the ground in pain. I began to panicked and went for Gray.
"Gray, whats wrong... Gray!!?"
" Janera."
I don't know what to thin. All i can do is follow his command. I quickly picked myself up and began to run. I ran as fast as I can. As i turn to a corner, I bumped into someone, as I look up, it was my best friend.
"Janera? What's wrong, why your running."
"Jay, we need to run. Come on. I will explain later."
I grabbed his hand and we both began to run. As we ran, we quickly ran into two witches. Then Jay went in front of me. He pulls out a pen.
"Jay, this is not the time draw"
"Stay back Janera, I got this."
"Jay, you cant fight them, they are stronger than you."
"Sheesh lady, you think so wrong about me"
"No, just its how it is"
Jay walk forward and has his pen in front of him. Then the witches began to walk towards him.
"Jay you idiot, come on."
Then Jay clicked his pen and a huge sword appeared in front of him with blue flames. My eyes open wide enough to try to see and believe of what I just saw. Jay then began to run towards then. His fighting skills was amazing. Those witches didnt had a chance to even touch him. Once he killed the witches, I slowly walked towards him.
He turns around and I freaked out as I saw his eyes glow in blue. Then he click something on the sword and the sword went back to a pen and his eyes went back to normal. I looked at him and I cant believe of what I just saw. Then we heard some noises behind us. We both turn around and he put me behind him.
"It's just me"
Gray comes out from the shadows. I couldn't be more happier and I ran to him and see if he was ok.
"Are you ok."
"Ya im ok"
Gray smiles at me and then he saw Jay.
"Jay? Oh my god, I thought I wouldnt see you again man."
Gray gives a huge hug to Jay, and now I am wondering about what its really going on.
"How you guys know eachother?"
"You havent told her huh Jay."
"Nope, your woman is a stubborn bitch."
I quickly slapped him on the back of his head.
"Who you calling a bitch, you asshole"
"See, I told you."
"Just like the old days. You guys still tend to kill eachother."
"What you mean like before. Gray?"
Gray chuckles and he stands in front of me.
"Janera, Jay is your older brother."
"Shhhhhh.. come on. We need to get out of here. Jay, do you any place"
"Hell ya. I got you brother-in-law."
"You boys got to be kidding me."
The boys laughed as I follow them to where ever Jay is taking us.

This is the Jay Park Community Sunday Fanfic. Each chapter of this story will be posted each Sunday. I hope you all enjoy this new story.

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