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Can We Take A Moment...
If they adjust their hair they could look like twins
Yuri on Ice: Yurio
My Little Monster: Yamaguchi
I was just watching My Little Monster and i saw Yamaguchi like "he kinda looks like Yurio"
This is just my opinion but what do you guys think?

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now I can't unsee it and he also looks like armin from attack on Titan
10 months ago·Reply
lol he kinda does!!! lol
10 months ago
I agree, when I saw Yuri on ice and saw Yurio, he was the first person i thought of ☺
10 months ago·Reply
@hinatahyuga I was like "him he looks familiar but... where? -watches My Little Monster- THATS HIM!!! " Lol
10 months ago
Ahh! I love them both so! 😍😍
10 months ago·Reply
I concur
10 months ago·Reply
Yup, i see it.
10 months ago·Reply