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Hello CANDIES! I hope your day is going well. Mine is good except it's cold in Oklahoma...Where ever you are I hope your staying warm or cool depending on your weather.
For today I feel like discussing my beautiful bias wreckers in the group. My biases are Takauya and Shin, and the rest are my bias wreckers and here is why....
I love all the members o Cross Gene they are one of my favorite groups and even though Takuya and Shin are my biases, Seyoung, Yongseok, Casper, and Sangmin are just as much my babies. They are all very talented and this group really deserves more attention.
SEYOUNG!!! I mean look at how beautiful this man is and he has a heart to match. He loves his members and he's the oldest member but sometimes I forget that because he can act so playful. When I first saw this last video in this block I cried because his voice is just so beautiful.
Yongseok is just too adorable, being the baby of the group he is the cutest little fluff ball with a power voice and then BAM hits ya with his manly sexiness. I love how it sneaks up on you. Must remember he is a man not a baby (but he will always be one of my favorite babies)
CASPER!!!!Not only can this sexy ghost rap, and dance, but he can sing! I was surprised, but I really shouldn't be, I mean most of the rappers can actually sing as well. But when Aimee showed me this I felt my heart flutter. Yes he has a beautiful body, but his voice is amazing and I love when I saw him on ASC with the group he was talking to the fans and asking if they had eaten. He really cares about the fans and that scores big points with me
Sangmin, to be honest when I first saw him I was intimidated by his eyes, and facial expression, I thought he was too serious and not fun. But then I quickly changed that when I saw some videos of him and his smile he has a really beautiful smile and saw how funny he can be.
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