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Happy Sunday folks!!!!! Yes it feels good to get this story back!!!!!!! It was hard trying to keep @BabydollBree and @MarrickJ33 at bay with their torches and pitch forks trying to start a riot. I hope this chapter satisfy them!!!!!

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*A/N: There is some vulgar language so to all my babies out there, take aheed!!!!!*

It took you two years to get him out of your system. Your mind ended up going back to the very last time you saw him. On the night you left him, you called your best friend and told her everything. By the time you pulled up to her house, she was waiting for you, arms wide open. You rushed over to her and sobbed in her arms. She then guided you inside and to her couch. She then make you and herself a cup of tea. You took the tea, but couldn't drink it because your hands were shaking so badly. You place the cup on her table and pondered what was your next move. You knew you couldn't stay here, you figured that he might be on his way over. You hear your phone go off for the umpteen time tonight. Your friend grabs it and proceeded to answer.

You reached over and snatched it out of her hands. You didn't want any contact with him at all. You looked at your phone and realized how many missed calls and text messages he sent you. You scrolled through the texts and shook your head in disgust. You found it funny how he's begging you to come back to him. You wondered why he wants you back after what you saw. What you really wanted was answers and he wasn't giving them to you. You pondered if you should go back to hear his side of the story. Maybe if you sleep on it, you can come with a clear head on what your next move was going to be.

As you were getting ready to head to bed, you hear a banging on the door. You thought to yourself, how in the hell did he figure that you were here!!! You were for certain that nobody was following you. You peeked out the window only to find him banging on the door, yelling for you to come out. Your best friend yells back to not bang on her door like a crazy person and if he keeps it up that she will call the cops. He still continues to yell and bang on the door. Finally, you had enough and you open the door and met him face to face with his fist up in the air to pound on the door. You gave him a hard look and told him to get away from here. Baby, please let me explain! That girl you saw meant nothing to me!! She came on to me!! And you let her???? Is that your poor shit excuse you can come up with??? You screeched back. So you mean to tell me, you let this bitch have you throw five years down the drain??? You deserved to be with her hoe ass anyway. I saw how you reacted to her. You never reacted like that with me!!!! But baby you were all I thought about.........Fuck that!!! I don't wanna hear your lies, as you cut him off. I never want to see or hear from you again!!! NOW LEAVE AND STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!!!!!

The look that you saw on his face was heartbreaking. The look of pain and sadness washed over his face and your heart broke into a thousand pieces. He took one look at you and hung his head in defeat. You looked at him with tears in your eyes as you took off your necklace that he gave you. You grab his wrist and put the necklace in his hand and closed it. He looks at you, surprised of your actions. You looked back at him and walked back into the house and closed the door. This would be the last time that you would see him, you so thought. Little did you know what a couple of years can do to you.
I see that this heathen doesn't take no for an answer!!! Do you all think he's gonna back off??? Tell me what you all think!!!!!!!

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Gotta wait till next week, hun!!!!😈😈😈😈
You must want me to come hunt you down!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! And you talk about me with the cliffhangers!!! OMG OMG OMG!!! I NEED MORE!! Please.... naw in a couple years!! somethings gonna change.... I think he'll let it go.... question is how will she be in those years to come
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