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Hey guys here is the next part to the story. Its kind of boring sorry. I will be sure to make the next part more interesting. Thank you @Choijiah Previous? Twelve FIRST? ONE
During her massage Tae Chan laid on her stomach with a towel covering her round bottom. Her chin rested on the table while her arms were flat at her side. The room was covered in a warm glow as candles sat in various stands and counter tops. The smell of insense was light and calming giving off a after rain scent. Tae Chan had her eyes closed as she thought about Dongwoon and what he meant. What did he mean by a girl having Tae's voice? Did he know anyone like that? He didn't have a girlfriend by what Hina said and he also lived in Japan. Unless he was watching English dubbed anime then he couldn't possibly find a girl with her voice? Was that it? Did he really stumble onto a simple cartoon that she had worked on? This made actual sense but why would he care? He laughed in high school when she did the voice but it was not like he was the biggest fan. The voice was too squeaky and a few times she remembered that he would eventually get annoyed. If he really remembered that voice from that long ago then he would possibly stay away from the anime. Tae Chan grumbled and decided not to think too much about the topic. What he said was not important but the fact that he even said it. He lied to her about having a girlfriend, ignored her the entire trip, he was detached when she finally got a chance to sit him down and then he was pacing outside her cottage. This man clearly didn't make sense. Was he really mad at her? Tae Chan pulled out her phone and texted Hina. *hey is Dongwoon there? I just seen him a while ago but parted. He said he has a girlfriend*----send Take closed her eyes and let her mind relax. *PING* her head lifted up as she pulled her phone to her eyes. *yes.....ouch. Kind of harsh. Maybe he really hates you now* TaeChan frowned at the text. She debated on it for a moment then texted back. *He was standing outside my door this morning. I thought he wanted to talk. Guess not. He never told me when I saw him*----send *PING*.....*Well then what is his deal? he playing hard to get?* *beats me. I wish I could read his mind. Cant he just be honest and tell me if he hates me? It took guts for me to ask if he wanted to spend time together after this thing.....I had to pee really bad while I was preparing myself to say it* *PING*......* lol you got nervous. Well he needs to grow a pair himself. You already have bigger balls then him if you asked that. Don't sweat it hun. Just give him some time* Tae Chan stopped replying to Hina. She took a deep breath and decided not to ruin her alone time anymore. She put her phone away and relaxed letting the misuse do their work. Now was not the time to panic. She could worry later. The massage was great leaving Tae Chan with a better outlook. She left the area with less tension and more hope. They would be leaving in just a matter of hours. If Dongwoon didn't do anything by then she would give up. He would be just another schoolmate and she would stop ignoring the advances of others at home. Who knows. Maybe the right guy was waiting for her in the states. Tae walked down the path as her mind tried to ignore the possible idea of her love life going down hill. She had to tell herself many times that she was fine. She didn't need Dongwoon. She could seduce any other guy if he didn't want her. She could have .....Junhyung. Yes. He was a great candidate. He was good looking, smart and had a great personality. Yeah. He was her link to this country so why not? They got along well and she really did get close to him during these years. He was sensational. A real catch. Someone she trusted allot and he gave great hugs. Yup, she didn't need to chase Dongwoon when she had someone who she got along with so well. As far as she was concerned Dongwoon was a grump who was mad at her. She has to move on and Junhyung was her ticket. With less stress in her mind Tae Chan ran down the path to look for Junhyung and the rest. Once she spotted Yoseob she felt a gleam of hope as she sped up. "hey guys," she shouted as she got closer. Tae hooked her arm under Hyunseungs before looking at Jun. "where did you hide?" Gikwang asked. "the massage area. It was really nice. Did I miss anything?" "Dujun fell into the pool and Minhyun almost barffed on the guy she was trying to seduce," Yoseob stated. "Seriously? Did anyone record it?" "we we're too busy trying to win and not slip and fall. The pool area was crowded enough," Junhyung yawned. "alright so tonight are you still sleeping at my place?" he put his arm to rest on Yoseobs shoulder. "Nope. You can't have her. Tae sleeps at mine," Hyunseung grumbled. "awe you really did miss me," Tae patted his shoulder. "OK Tae Chan is a woman now. She can't be sleeping at a bachelors house.....she can stay at mine since my wife is very nice and she would love to have a female help her clean house," Gikwang spoke up. "Yeah your wife would love to hear that you kissed the woman your bringing home back in high school," "you know guys, Tae Chan has been in contact with me all these years so since I was a good friend to her I think that my place is more then enough to house her and her snoring," Junhyung moved around Yoseob and put his arm over Tae's shoulders. "so as her new best friend I'm gonna keep her," he smirked.
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This was cute.
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