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When YoungJae was on Masked Singer, a lot of things happened. BTS's Jimin was there along the way.
There was some funny moments, but when he had lost the 2nd round and got interviewed. It got a little real.
GOT7 is famous and yet our sunshine's name is forgotten. :( poor bby

WE NEED TO GIVE YOUNGJAE MORE SUPPORT! Poor bby is suffered over one comment from a hardcore anti. #weloveYoungjae let's not make any GOT7 members sad this year!

2017 is GOT7's year!! ALSO HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO GOT7!!!!! 3 YEARS STRONG!! Till then I will see you later!! BYE!

Jesus the poor thing. I don't understand how they can be so hurtful. yeah if he's done something and you're defending someone, sure. but just to be that rude out of unprovoked hatred..... I just don't get it. how is making someone feel terrible bringing them joy or happiness??
People are entitled to like who they like and not like others. i have favorites and some I'm not that partial to. What is sad is those who put so much energy into going out of their way to be cruel and hateful. It is better to focus on supporting those you do like or the venom you issue upon others will surely poison your own soul over time.