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First off I found this drama recommend to me on my Netflix queue so I decided to check it out. It is definitely a cute romantic comedy. I enjoyed it very much and will most likely watch it again. I give it a 4 out of 5 or 8 out of 10.

The Plot
So-Ra (Yoon So-Yi) is a very intelligent woman that comes from an ordinary background and can't understand woman who focus largely on their looks and using them but her best friend is Jin-Joo (Lee Soo-Kyung) who is an aspiring model and lives with So-Ra. They have a habit of falling in love with the same men. Both are very different from each other but care deeply about one another. So-Ra looses her dream of becoming a professor so then turns to her male best friend and former college classmate Chan-Jin (Shim Ji-Ho), whom she has helped gain promotions in his comestics company and asks him for a job. He gets her an interview and she's hired against many misconceptions of the female Diretor Sung (Jeon Su-Kyeong), as an Assistant Manager for the Marketing Team. On her very first day of work she spots her Sunbae and ex-boyfriend that left her with a trauma, Jun-Su (Jae Hee) and is shocked to learn he is the successor but right now Head Manager of the company.
After a few attempts of get togethers to clear up the misunderstanding with So-Ra, Jun-Su gets her to agree to start over. But starting over is anything but easy especially with So-Ra's two best friends vying for attentions. Chan-Jin is like a younger brother to Jun-Su and at first vehemently tells Jun-Su he has never seen So-Ra as a woman but one day that changes as he was doing a make-up demonstration on her. Still because he cherishes both relationships he steps aside for their romance to blossom and at the same time trying to console Jin-Joo and give her advice.
Meanwhile Director Sung is trying her best to sabotage Jun-su and Chan-Jin's relationship so she can possibly gain control over the company. So while she schemes and plots she does at one point make a little bit of chaos but the faith and loyalty of all the characters friendship pulls through in the end.
Why I liked the drama
I liked the drama because the story line developed at a good pace and the characters development was gradual. It made me laugh, cry, and really invested in my emotions. It wasn't just the main characters that pulled me in but a lot of the supporting characters as well. I really liked that the story wasn't rushed though a lot of reviews I saw thought it was tedious but to me it wasn't. I felt it was more realistic and relate-able.
For more information on the drama and the characters and a more in-depth explanation please visit here

I like this fan made m/v of clips from the show of the female lead and second male leads friendship.
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I will have to watch this drama
I really enjoyed it
I've started watching it but never finished it. I need to go back and finished it now 😀
i really enjoyed