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First MV/Song You Saw/Heard
So when I was introduced to B.A.P I watched a FineBros video of Youtubers reacting to kpop (mostly because back then I was only into BIGBANG, BTS, and Block B and BTS was in the video...there was also the fact that Dan and Phil were in the episode) and One Shot was one of the videos and Youngjae first caught my attention, then the story. So I watched the mv, then watched 1004, then finally Badman which made me switch not only my B.A.P bias, but my ultimate bias. So in short, One Shot was the first mv and song I saw and heard even though I didn't become a fan of them for quite a few months.
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This was also my first mv. I teared up because it was so sad.
I almost did but also thought how amazing it was that they actually pulled off a gang concept because I had never seen that before