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Hello guys i need help on something if you could answer me this question should i dye my hair white with a lil red???
like this the guy on the right
Going white takes a lot out of your hair, and sometimes it doesn't end up looking really white. Make sure you use a good toner. It can also be a super long process, depending on the color hair you're starting with, up to weeks/months. Otherwise, yeah, it's a cool combination!
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sorry don't mean to just put in your conversation. But it's true it does take time depending on your hair color and depending if you already have color in your hair. My natural hair color is black and I went white. it took me about 3 months to get there. I was going to do it all at once but if you bleach it too much your hair can fall off! And I didn't want to take the chance. if it's for something special or just want to see what you look like with white hair why not try a wig instead? that way you know what you look like and if you really do like it you can start the process to be blonde. I love having white hair it was so much fun. It will damage your hair a bit though either way. But whatever you decide to do just do it safely. Good luck!
like seran? I think you could manage it off but going white as what @ESwee said takes s long process