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Happy Memein'Fiction Mondays~

I am here bringing you another entry and let me tell you...stuff gets REAL.

Enjoy~ XD

Need a recap? Or new to the story? I gotchu~

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WARNING: Mild language, but not too bad! Wanted to give a heads up~

Dear Freaking Diary,

She definitely brought it.
You know, it was a rather peaceful day in the beginning. I was watching my favorite drama, I ate some good food with my family who stopped by, and I even got to have some time to do some questing for my mage.
But you know what happened later? Oh. LET ME TELL YOU.
So, my little cheery behind got to the practice room, trying to be positive about IU coming. I was convincing myself that she was just being weird yesterday and maybe I was being too hard on her after everything that happened. But I seriously should have known better. Come on, a mistake? Like pushing me 50 times was a MISTAKE.
I opened the door to the practice room and they were both already in there. They were just talking, but to IU it wasn't just talking. Her hands were practically feeling him up as they talked. It honestly made me want to vomit. Like, could she be more obvious? And he knew what was happening because as soon as I walked in, he immediately got up and came over to talk to me.
I was a little surprised to be honest. How he didn't succumb to the evil spell of the succubus before him. He came over and hugged me and said that she has been doing that for the last half an hour. I honestly laughed a little. I laughed at the fact that he was so freaked out and that she was shooting daggers at me while all this was going on.
I told him that she is obviously flirting with him and he sighed heavily. He then said that the last thing he wanted was for his hyung's ex-girlfriend to be hanging around him now. I then realized what this could be about.
Her sudden interruptions into our practices, her interest in him, her trying to get me to go away: She is trying to make her ex jealous, using my newly found friend to do so.
It was as if a lightbulb went off above my head like they do in those cheesy cartoon movies. I then told him what I thought and it was as if it all made sense to him too.
We still weren't absolutely sure why they had broken up but we knew that what she was doing was definitely not without purpose. I mean, it doesn't seriously take one day to get over your boyfriend does it? Because if so...damn. I could have save so much money on buckets of ice cream.
So, we had decided to play along with her little game to see how long we could keep it going. We decided to not act too much on it tonight and just see what happened. We then both went back to where she was and although she was very curious as to what we had been talking about, she didn't ask anything. Instead she just stuck to his side like a piece of over-chewed gum.
The rest of the night went by fast. With her 'gracefully' pushing me out of the way and clinging to him, the few hours of dancing seemed almost nonexistent.
However, instead of going home with her this time, I stayed behind, actually wanting to practice some more. When leaving, he turned to wink at me, and I knew then and there that there was no way she was stealing the one person I could actually talk to from me. The one friend I actually made in the time I have been in Korea.
So they both left and I knew then that right there was my mistake. I should have realized that she would come back. That she was serious about this.
But being as oblivious to things as I am, I didn't hear the door close. I didn't see the scissors in her hand. And I didn't see it reaching for my hair until it was too late.
As if some kind of freaking ninja, she cut a chunk of my long hair and pushed me onto the ground. I obviously was confused and in shock so when she put all of her weight on top of me to hold me down, I couldn't fight it when she kept on cutting.
Snip after snip, my long hair that was down to my waist was gone. It was now above my shoulders in all weird lengths that didn't match. It doesn't look too horrifying honestly Diary. Wait. No. Just looked at it again. Yep. It's pretty bad.
So as if that wasn't enough she then threatened me that if I even tried - TRIED - to get in her way of making him her new beau that it would be the end of me.
Not gonna lie, kind of peed my pants a little. Like where the hell did that come from? Is this her actual personality? And what did I ever do to her?!
I have no idea but it was enough for her to threaten me and destroy part of my identity?!
Screw being a nice person. Screw trying not to find out what happened between her and her ex/crush. I have to find out. I have to know. Or else it seems like she won't stop until my life is ruined.
It is now time for Operation: FOTTADI (Find out the truth and destroy IU).
But first, I really need to get my hair fixed. Like seriously. Making an appointment now.

Things got crazy!!

What will Arya find out? We will have to see ;)

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Pfffft excuse me IU!!!! Excuuuuuuuuuse me!! But you just did what?!?!?!?! Oh god, what I would do if I was in that position 😑😑 But I loved how t har part was added to the story. Very dramatic and perfect 😁
Dang! That is so messed up! Please tag me.😊
For sure! πŸ˜‰
please tag me and IU bout Fite
That was so wrong
AW HELL NO BITCH!! YOU CANT JUST CUT OFF MY GIRLS HAIR YOU LIL BITCH!!! I AM SOOOO TRIGGERED, if I was in that story I would shave IU's head and glue my girls hair back on. That makes me sooooo pissed off 😀all that long hair and now it's gone, does she know how long it takes to grow hair, to grow all that hair back out! OOOOH SHE GON GET IT!! 😀😀😀😀😑😑😑😑πŸ’ͺπŸ€›πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ BITCH GON BE IN A COMA BY THE TIME I'M DONE WIT HER!!! ⚰️⚰️⚰️
LOLOL man girl remind me never to mess with you πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I would totally pay to see you shave her head lmaoo
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