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Gaahhhh!!! I'm sorry! I should've posted this yesterday, but I had no time!! Thankfully, it is his birthday here in America, but I would've preferred posting it yesterday since it was the 15th in Korea, yesterday....

But anyway, since it is the 15th here in America then it is technically Monsta X's Hyungwon's birthday today!!!!

So let's get this party started with pictures and gifs of the goofy and dorky Hyungwon!!

Look at him! Look at him!!!! He's so precious!!!!!!!!!

I know he looks sooooo scary (pffffft) when he doesn't smile.

But when he does!! He's either the most precious thing ever in this world!!

And I just want to hug him to death cause he's soooooo cute!!!!!!

Or he's the most dorky guy that I've ever seen cX

But I approve!! I approve of his silliness and his dorkiness!! Because that makes him ten times even more cuter!

And his sass!! He's so sassy it hurts sometimes Cx

But then he does something adorable and I'm like "Awwwww precious baby!!" Yes, he's my little baby in Monsta X ^-^

But look at him judging us!! Such judging xP Still love him though :3

Haha I love Hyungwon so much!! I'm sad that he's not a lot of peoples' bias :c He's so cute and just lovable!! But I shouldn't say anything...He's my bias wrecker...Not my bias...But maybe that should be changed! Sorry I.M;;

But seriously....Wouldn't he make such a good villain!?!? Like, Jooheon would also make a pretty good bad guy, but Hyungwon though!! There's just something about him *-* Haha sorry, that was random but I had to say it CX

Anyway, I love Hyungwon so much, and I hope he had an amazing today!! I hope that he continues to be his silly and goofy self, but also continues to be his sassy self!! I hope you all also have an amazing day today C: We love you so much Hyungwon!! Happy birthday!!!! Stay healthy and fighting!

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