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“I wasn’t flirting!” Changmin called after you for the hundredth time that night.
“Then what were you doing?” You folded your arms over your chest and looked at him right in the eyes.
“I was noticing her presence” He rebuttled softly.
“Oh so when you ‘notice a girl’s presence’ it isn’t flirting?” You taunted him raising your eye brow. Watching his mind go blank as he tried grabbing for words frantically you sighed and dropped your arms from your defensive position.
“I thought you said you weren’t going to flirt with anyone else tonight but you did it anyways.” Your voice lowered in volume but held a lot emotion.
“All I did was look!” Changmin defended.
“But it was our date night, aren’t I good enough for you?” You looked up at him with your eyes brimming with tears,
“You are, you are more than I could ever need.” Changmin placed his hand on your shoulder to try and console you.
“Yet you looked and flirted with the other girls.” You locked your eyes with his while you shook your head slowly. Moving out from under his grasp tears rolled down your cheeks.
“I wasn’t flirting, I simply looked at her” Changmin told you softly trying to spill his heart to you.
“But it just wasn’t her, it was every girl that passed you, you checked every one of the girls out and you couldn’t keep your eyes on me longer than when you were checking out the other girls.” You told him your voice getting harsher while anger filled inside of you.
A deadly quiet silence hung over the two of you as your soft hiccups of breaths barely were heard.
“What did you want me to do?” Changmin finally caved, not wanting to loose you after something like this.
“Just give me some space” You mumbled, brushing past his shoulder with yours, you grabbed your purse, phone, keys and a jacket before you slammed the door behind you.
The thought of running after you came into Changmin’s mind, yet his feet stayed planted on the tile int he kitchen, Breaking his gaze at the door, he looked down while he pulled at his tie and undid the top buttons to his shirt.
“I didn’t mean to” He whispered softly as he made his way up the stairs and to the bedroom.
Meanwhile, you were wondering the paved streets with your car, wanting to get out of
the city and just open up your car to feel the adrenaline rush in your blood. The city lights danced on the hood of your car while you stopped and passed through every intersection.
Eventually, you followed the road outside of the city scape and up into the beautiful mountains where there you could think a little more.
Guiding the car around the curves and turns in the road, your mind wondered to the events that just unfolded before you.
Watching Changmin look up from his menu to find a woman look at him, wave, wink and bite her lip as he smiled and bowed to her, with an occasional wave and his eyes following her to her seat, the tears and feelings came back to you while you tried to think of one time that night where he looked at you in that way.
Biting your lip, you tried to keep your swelling emotions inside of you but it wasn’t helping, the quivering of your bottom lip and the soft sighs that spilled from your lips weren’t helping either. Several attempts at trying to clear your eyes through rapid blinking just made more tears run down your cheeks.
The soft radio accompanied you in the background, your eyes followed the road up and around the curve that was approaching. Wiping away your tears gently, you tried to take a few deep breaths.
Seconds felt like minutes when something hit you hard on the side of your car, your head broke the window beside you and the wheel in front of you before your eyes slowly closed from the immense amount of pain that overwhelmed you.
Slowly changing into a t shirt and sweats he sat on the edge of his bed, looking at his phone. Knowing from previous fights that you would call when you forgave him, he kept his eyes glued to the dark screen silently wishing that it would light up with your name and number.
Laying back on the shared bed, he closed his eyes wishing that he could just have erased tonight and started all over again. The vibration of his phone caught his attention as he sat up and the phone slid onto his lap.
Grasping the phone in his shaking hands, he quickly picked it up seeing that it was from you.
“________, jagi is that you?” His voice called almost frantically.
“I’m sorry sir, I am a nurse at the Seoul Hospital an-” The nurse began to go through her speech.
“Did something happen to her?” Changmin was now standing up and pacing the bedroom at the sudden news.
“She has been in a horrible car accident. Both cars were destroyed and she is in surgery right now. Would you mind coming down and filling out some paperwork for her? Or do you have some of her family that I can call?” The nurse asked sweetly while Changmin tried to get a grasp on everything that just happened so quickly.
“No, I-I’ll be right there.” Changmin finally said as he changed into some jeans and grabbed some shoes before riding the bus to the hospital.
Thoughts came and went as he moved with the bus, hanging onto one of the handles he swayed with the movements as he worried for you and wondered what condition you were in.
Getting off at the right stop, he ran the rest of the way to the lighted hospital. The automated doors welcomed him in as they parted to the running man. Once inside, he looked around at the large hospital that he was in. Finding a nurses’ station he explained his situation as one of the nurses told him where to go.
Following their directions another nurse waited for him in front of two authorized doors.
“How is she?” He questioned, obviously breathless from the situation that he was pushed into.
“She hasn’t come back from the tests that they wanted to get on her.” She tells him, “In the meantime, can I get you anything?”
Shaking his head at her question, she walked away to the desk and came back with a clipboard.
“Take your time, once she is checked in I can show you to her room.” The nurse added softly as Changmin took the pen and clipboard from her before trying to fill it out. Hours passed as he tried to finish all of the paperwork, handing it back in the nurse showed him the way to your ICU room.
Opening the door for him, he looked in the dark room with a soft light and the monitors from the machines that crowded around you. The doctor turned and saw Changmin.
“Hello, I am Doctor Yun” He introduced himself.
“Hi I’m Changmin, her boyfriend.” Changmin glanced at the doctor but couldn’t keep his eyes off of your body that laid motionless on the bed.
“There are some things that you should know. She hasn’t woken up since the accident, she has a few head injuries so be prepared if she doesn’t remember you, she also has a broken wrist and a dislocated shoulder. Overall she came out of the crash fairly well.”
The doctor debriefed him quietly. “Keep it quiet for her, let us know if she wakes up” The doctor adds before leaving the room, the nurses hooked you up to the machines around you as Changmin just stood in shock.
“You can sit next to you and hold her hand if you would like” The nurse told him as he slowly made his way to your side.
Sitting down in the chair next to your bed, he laid his hand over yours, tears gathered in his eyes quickly as he looked at you in this fragile state, with only machines keeping you alive with tubes and bandages over your frail body.
“________-ssi?” He whispered softly as a single tear ran down his face. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have let you leave.”
Reaching up he gently brushed your skin as he saw the dried tear trails, tucking your hair behind your ear, he leaned up and kissed your cheek softly.
A few hours later you began to wake up to the soft morning light that bled in through the slatted windows. Looking around, you tried to get a grip on where you were, the beeping of machines tipped you off that you were in an accident, but something warm rested on your hand.
Rolling your head over, aching pain shot through your head as you saw a strange man laying partially on your bed, moving your hand away from his with your little strength, you placed it on your stomach. Seeing your other hand in a cast and sling, you closed your eyes trying to see if there isn’t anything else that was hurt. A throbbing in your head begged you to close your eyes as a little whine came from your lips due to the pain.
Before you could open your eyes again you heard a strange name being called from a deeper voice. Moving your eyes over to the strange man, you looked up at him as he hovered over you. Your heart started to pick up pace wanting to run out of the room and away from the stranger. Noticing the increase in beeping from your heart monitor, he shushed you gently.
“Don’t be scared, it’s me, your boyfriend Changmin.” He looked into your eyes but yours just got wide while your mind tried to think of a way out of this situation. Pressing a button nurses and doctors gathered around you as they tried to check up on you.
“_______, do you know who this is?” The guy in the white coat asked and pointed to the stranger that claimed to be your boyfriend. Shaking your head slowly, you watched the stranger’s face drop and bite his bottom lip as you looked back to the guy in the white coat.
“Don’t worry it won’t last too long” The white coated guy told the other strange man as the strange man nodded.
“I’ll be back” The strange man told the doctor and nurses as he left the room.
Once outside of the room, Changmin took in a deep breath, moving his feet down the hall, he slid his hands into the pockets of his jeans. Wondering around the hospital, going into the many small shops that were housed inside the large building he looked around and found a bouquet of your favorite flowers as he paid for them and wondered back up to your room.
Pushing open the door he slowly closed it behind him as he watched your body lay on the bed. Letting out a deep breath he walked to your side, gazing down at you, he gently brushed some hair out of your face as he leaned down and kissed your lips softly.
The soft touch woke you,your eyes looking up to his, blinking them rapidly you tried to grasp onto the situation.
“D-Did you just k-kiss me?” You asked him while your uninjured hand moved up and touched your lips.
“I thought that it would help you remember me” Changmin backed away as he sat in his chair, playing with the flowers in his hands.
“I’m sorry” You shook your head as you looked at him. The beeping of the machines filled the room as you watched the stranger carefully.
“C-Can I ask you a question?” You whispered softly as his head gently rose and his eyes met yours.
“I’ll answer anything you ask.” He whispered just as softly
“What were we like? How many years have we been together, that kind of stuff.” You asked as a smile gently pulled on one side of his lips.
“Well… we have been dating for just under two years. We just went out on date nigh, which is every Friday. Our favorite things to do together is just to be with one another.” Changmin talked about you and your relationship like it was a fairy tale, something that
was so wonderful and beautiful.
“W-What made me come to the hospital?” You asked as he took a breath.
“W-W-We had a fight and you ran off, I should have ran after you but you took the car and here we are.” He whispered dropping his eyes to your hand which still held your couple ring on your finger.
Turning your hand, palm side up he looked up at you.
“Can I hold your hand?” He asked softly not wanting to scare you again. Nodding softly he put his hand in yours but something seemed familiar, something just felt right on his his hand fit perfectly in yours, how the warmth of his hand coupled with your cold skin.
Something just seemed right.
“Do you think that we can get back to what we were?” You hopefully looked at him, your eyes twinkled under the low lights. He smiled and held out your favorite flowers.
“Let’s make this better than it was” He leaned in and kissed your hand, “These flowers are for you, I hope that you can recover quickly, love.”
“I hope so too, although I may not want my memory to come back." You giggled happily taking the flowers and smelling them as Changmin caught you up on what you two had done together.