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The light was just about right in the sky, walking from your pantry, you unwrapped the popcorn bag from the plastic wrapping and placed the folded paper bag into the microwave. The light turned on inside as the little glass plate moved around slowly like a carousel while you got a glass and filled it up with milk for the weekly premier of a drama that you had been watching since it came out.
Gathering a few blankets, you threw them on the couch while you had the tv turned to the right channel, the show before finished up its program while the heavenly smell of your favorite popcorn filled the rooms. A bell sounded, causing you to trot over to the small appliance and pull out the hot paper bag.
Shaking the bag a little, some more kernels popped before you pulled the tabs on opposite sides to open the bag. Warm air flooded out of the bag before you poured it into a bowl just big enough for all of the popcorn to fit inside.
Looking over your shoulder at the credits the rolled quickly across the screen, the programs changed on the hour. Making your way over to the couch, you pulled a soft blanket over your lap and set the bowl of popcorn in the space between your legs sitting cross legged on the couch.
Before the new episode started they aired the preview from last week while your eyes were glued to the moving pictures and the plot that was being brought to the surface.
Turning up the volume on the tv, you munched on your popcorn happily while the theme song played, then watching the scenes start to play out.
The soft light from the tv reflected against your face, while you happily watched your boyfriend, Changmin, act in his drama. Sitting back and enjoying your time alone, you smiled seeing how natural Changmin was acting, how perfect he played to his character, yet how true he stayed to his real identity too.
Letting the plot unfold and twist before your eyes, you were soon engulfed in the drama, unable to pull your eyes away from the screen.
“I have been waiting for you to contact me” Changmin stood beside the park bench that had a bouquet of slightly wilting flowers resting against the wood slats. Chamee, his girl friend that had obvious feelings for him, walked into the scene as her heels clicked on the pavement. Changmin raised his eyes and slid his hands into his suit pants; he turned and looked at her.
“You didn’t answer any of my calls or messages” Changmin pointed out as Chamee dropped her head and her hands gently tapped against her sides while her hands tightened into fists.
“I know” Chamee replied, barely above a whisper.
“Are you trying to avoid me?” Changmin took a step towards her as she shook her head; her beautiful long hair cascaded over her shoulders while a slight part of her hair was pulled up into a cute hair clip.
“No, I-I… just have something to… tell you” Chamee’s voice was shaky as her eyes darted from left to right, the nightly breeze gently catching the ends of her hair before she looked up at Changmin standing across from her.
“What is it?” He questioned, pulling his hands out of his pockets while the moonlight gently bathed them in its soft light. Chamee’s eyes looked up at his and they gently sparkled as she moved slowly towards him.
Rising on her toes, she tilted her head to his letting both of their lips both meet each other.
You watched in horror at the actress kissing your boyfriend, although you hoped that the script wrote for Changmin to push her away or for him to say that he doesn’t have any feelings for her, but the churning in your gut told a different story.
Gripping the popcorn in your hands, you heard it crack and crumble under your grip while you watched Changmin gently kiss her back, his lips slowly waltzing with hers, his hands wrapping gently around her waist before her hands moved up around his neck.
Quickly shutting off the tv, you couldn’t believe your own eyes. Your boyfriend was kissing another girl. However you knew that this was part of his job and that he couldn’t help what was in the script but he could have not look liked he enjoyed it that much.
Your breaths were labored as you tried to slow down your racing heart. Unable to control your emotions, you placed the half eaten bowl of popcorn on the other cushion of the couch before you let the blanket fall to the carpet below your feet.
Walking around the couch, you paced nervously, running your fingers through your hair, chewing on the bottom of your lip and then your nails as you just stared down at the baseboards. Your emotions were running high while you folded your arms over yourself.
Pacing around for a half an hour or more, you tried to go through all of the emotions that you were feeling. Yet it didn’t help that you kept on seeing that scene replay over and over in your head. The faint noise of someone knocking on the door barely pulled you out of your thoughts.
Closing your eyes slowly, you gathered up all of your emotions and tried to hide them for whoever was behind your front door. Placing your hands on the cool wood, you rose on your toes and looked through the peep hole.
The person that you didn’t want to see right now was standing just outside of your door. Changmin. Easing yourself down from your toes, you leaned against the door while you tried to think of what you could do. A thought crossed your mind that you could pretend that you weren’t here but then you looked around your apartment and knew that he had seen the lights from the windows that were at the very top of the tall door. With more thoughts moving through your mind, you settled with just unlocking the door and twisting the handle to see him.
“Hey jagi” Changmin smiled at you while he stood there in a light blue t shirt and dark denim jeans with some sneakers on his feet. “Did you watch the latest episode?”
Nodding your head at his question, you pulled the door open as he stepped inside. Sliding off his shoes he looked around your apartment while you closed the door. His eyes gently scanned the living room where the remote, a bowl of popcorn and a half-finished glass of milk sat on the table in front of the blankets that were piled onto the couch. The lights were slightly dimmed as he knew that you were watching his drama.
“Did you like it?” He turned around and looked at you while you moved from the door and into the living room where you were going to clean up after yourself. Not answering his question, you couldn’t bear to tell him one word, for you knew that if you started speaking all of your emotions would soon be known.
Grabbing the popcorn and your glass of milk, you walked back into the kitchen; you dumped out the cold popcorn and slid your glass back into the fridge to keep it cool.
Moving back over into the living room, you started folding the blankets while Changmin carefully observed you.
“Did I do something wrong?” He finally broke the unbearable silence while he walked over to you slowly. Turning your head to look at him, you saw his big brown eyes staring back at you, his brown hair gently touching his black eye lashes.
Jumbled words bounced around in your head while your tongue begged you to give it direction so that you could tell Changmin that you were jealous, your heart started picking up its pace as you adverted your eyes. Ringing your hands together, you tried to occupy your mind while he stood there, just out of your reach. Closing your eyes, it was so painful to keep it from him that your lips parted and gently tried to form words.
“You kissed another girl” Formed words finally spilled from your lips as you felt a new kind of emotion surging through you. Wondering if he was going to lash out or stay calm you were now just waiting for his move.
“So you did watch the drama” He slightly chuckled while nodding his head, you nodded your head gently while lowering your head soon after.
“How could you?” You mumbled quietly while your hands started to ball into fists of anger and jealousy. “How could you kiss someone like that?!”
“Jagi it was just part of the scr-”
“Don’t tell me that it was just part of the script and you were just following orders from the director because I know all too well that you were enjoying that kiss with Chamee.”
Your voice got louder as you tried to explain.
“It is my j-”
“It’s your job and I know that you have your image to uphold and you can’t change what is in the script” You cut him off again while he just watched you, tears filled your eyes, blurring your vision badly before you closed them tightly and your lips gently shook from all of the jealousy that you were feeling.
Words spilled out from your jealousy and emotions comparing you to Chamee, while
Changmin just looked at you, his heart slowly breaking at the words that he was hearing.
Quickly wrapping his arms around you, he pulled you close to him before his lips crashed onto yours.
Stopping your babbling, he started to move his lips on yours while your hands moved up to his chest to push him away. Not letting you get what you want, he just pulled you closer and tilted his head to yours. Slowly, his kiss began to change your mind while you let your lips start to dance with his. Clenched fists started to relax before you gently grabbed the fabric of his shirt. Feeling your knees start to get weak, he held you tighter against him before he pulled away from the deep passionate kiss that he placed on your lips.
Opening his eyes, he saw your tear stained cheeks as your eyes gently fluttered open, one of his hands gently rubbed the small of your back while his tight grip on you never eased.
“You know what I was thinking about when I was kissing her?” Changmin asked you, his eyes starting to see the jealousy monster reappear. Shaking your head slowly you brought your bottom lip between your teeth as you bit down on it harshly.
“You” He whispered ever so softly, watching his eyes close, his lips gently pressed against your forehead, then your nose but hovering over your lips with his. Looking up into his eyes truth shined in his eyes before you smiled and gently kissed his lips gently as he showed you that you were the only one that he will ever love and you have no reason to be jealous anymore.