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– Changjo’s POV –
Practice had let out early and I was just walking down the street trying to get home after a long day. Pulling my sleeves over my hands I breathed in deeply trying to focus on something, anything. In the distance I heard some giggling and laughing that was familiar, slowing my pace I searched for where the beautiful noise was coming from. Turning my head slowly, scanning all of the dull faces, I finally came across the one that was laughing with a big smile on her face.
A couple was across the street, she had her hands with his as they both talked, with both of them smiling, the girl shifted from one foot to the other as he tried to kiss her cheek. It reminded me of you, and how we used to be, all happy and excited to see each other. I watched them as I stopped, the girl turned her head and I saw the beautiful face that I was longing to see, it was you. A month hadn’t passed since we broke up, I felt so angry like a fire flowing through me to see you with him.
– Flashback –
Resting your head on my chest, I played with your hair letting it run through my fingers as I wrapped a fluffy soft blanket around you as you played with the buttons on my shirt.
“Do you know what I have been thinking lately?” She asked as her hand gently smoothed out my shirt.
“What?” I tilted my head so I could see her better as she slightly looked up with her perfect sparkling eyes.
“That the last love between you and I, will be the last love.” She said as I smiled brightly at her, placing a sweet kiss on her head.
– Present –
Snapping out of my flashback I was in denial that I was seeing you like this, with another man so soon after me. You look so happy, I am jealous, I couldn’t be that happy since I left you. My eyes looked over your figure, just to see if you were taking care of yourself and you were, you look prettier than when I left you. I always thought that you were pretty, but you look so good now. Not being able to take it any more I walked away as I wished that you wouldn’t fall too in love with him so that I would be able to have another chance with you, for me to show you the real side of me.
Reaching my apartment, I thought back to what I could have done better, so that you wouldn’t have left me in the first place. The first few days after we became girlfriend, boyfriend I pretended not to know you, since you were my first girlfriend, I didn’t know how to act. My heart raced every time I saw you but I put on a cool face for you, that is what I thought I was suppose to do but it wasn’t who I am.
Pouring some tea for myself to calm myself down from the anguish of seeing you again. Moving to my room, I sipped the warm tea as I looked out my window at the gathering fog, wondering what I did wrong and how I was going to fix it.
– Your POV –
“Do you really have to leave again? Who do you go and see, so late in the night?” You asked folding your legs up to your chest as you watched him pack.
“Just a friend.” Niel, your new boyfriend, said as you nodded.
“When will you be back?” You asked leaning over the back of the couch.
“When I will be back.” Niel looked annoyed as he swung his backpack over his shoulder and walked out the door. He turned off your light as he left leaving you in the dark. The room that was so full of love and happiness felt lonely and desolate as you tried to keep your mind busy.
This went on for months as you hardly saw him, you knew Teen Top was busy, but not as busy as he was all the time. Coming home from practice he would wave you off and leave again. Staying for longer and longer he didn’t come back for a week as you walked down the street to your old boyfriends house. Knocking on the door, you hoped that he would let you in a light snowflakes fell around you.
The door opened to Changjo, he was in a long sleeved shirt that was thin and some shorts.
“Ah ______. I wasn’t expecting you.” He said as he opened the door wider for you to step inside.
“I know, I just thought I would come and see how you are doing.” You said as you walked inside as the flakes got bigger as they continued to fall.
“I’m doing ok, I saw you with your boyfriend the other day. I was shocked that you got one so soon.” He said as he folded his legs under him as he sat on the couch.
– Changjo Ending –
“Yeah, I was shocked too. I guess I just… I don’t know.” You sat on the edge of his couch as you unwrapped the scarf from your neck and fiddled with it in your hands. Changjo watched you and it seemed that you didn’t want to be with your boyfriend.
“Do you want to be with him?” Changjo asked as he slid closer to you.
“Not as much as I want to be with you” You honestly said as your eyes met with his.
Holding his arms out for you, you leaned into him as he gave you one of his hugs that you
desperately missed.
“I’ve missed you.” Changjo whispered against your head as he held you close.
“I missed you more~” You smiled into him as you wrapped your arms around him.
– Niel Ending –
“He asked me before and I turned him down for you, he asked me to give him another chance.” You said as Changjo nodded, your phone buzzed in your pocket as it rang.
“Excuse me.” You got up and opened the front door to the cold air.
“Yoboseo?” You asked
“Jagiya, I want to clear everything up. I know this has been hard on you. I just have been doing a project for the company where I am filming a secret drama and I couldn’t tell anyone. I didn’t want you to worry any more. I am sorry if I hurt you in any way, but I love you.” Niel said as you smiled on the other side.
“That is ok, Oppa. I was a little worried but I trusted you. Oppa Hwaiting.” You both talked a little longer before going back inside to Changjo.
“Changjo, I hope that we can be friends. I don’t want to miss out on a great guy like you just because our chemistry wasn’t right.
"I would like that.” Changjo said with much hesitation.