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So it is like 1 am where I am and as I am packing to move back into my dorm I am watching Pops in Seoul and the first music video they show is Bebe by Seo In Guk. So I am just here minding my own business then he shows up on my TV screen attacking me. Ever since he drop this track and video I have had this song suck in my head and on constant repeat. This man is already in my heart as an actor and artist of course but he just decided to trample everyone else. I have been meaning to post a card for Seo In Guk for a while but classes and job hunts have been taking up my time. I have always loved Seo In Guk's music but this song really drives me crazy. I hope he can release something else before his military enlistment.
In other news, I will be moving back into my dorm tomorrow (or later on today) and once I am settled I plan on playing catch up, like making cards for D.O. and Kai's birthday, GOT7's three year anniversary, Rain's comeback and other KPOP goodness! I am also planning a series of sorts, haven't decided on what to call it but I plan to be more active on Vingle so stay tuned!
So do any of you listen to or follow Seo In Guk?? If so let's show him lots of love in this new year!!!

Ta Ta For Now!! 😊

when is he going to the military??
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Seriously...I just can't with him! Great song but I was not expecting that😰!
omg as soon as this came out it was stop replay for me. I love his voice and acting that I can't handle the feels lol