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Some call me the gangster of love, some people call me Maurice. Braughh Raughhh Hahaha I crack myself up. Idk how it took me so long to think this. I remember being at a party years ago and everyone was like don't talk to her rents just let them leave and we will all act normal. I instantly started talking with her rents and introduced myself as Cowboy Bebop haha!! Such an epic night, let's say her parents though I was something special. Yet idk who the girl was, wasn't there for her left I was just there to be a space cowboy hahaha!! My buddy still talks about this story all the time, now when I think about it. I'm like wait who would call themselves cowboy bebop personally haha like what did the rents really think when I said that and just went off talking. Haha who knows but well worth it. Always will be someone who I'm not! Bc I always am!! Haha Anime is Life!! Space Cowboy for Life!!