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Chapter 3

The Best

I know they will come for me, eventually. Who are they? I have an idea who they may be. So I have to move quickly. The client said I was the best. Well, I'm good but I'm not the best. I am one of the best. There are only five people, myself included, who can actually claim that title. So which one of those four will come first after me? Well, I'm just gonna have to wait and see. Right now my priority is her. I took my equipment and shoved it carelessly in the duffle bag. Right now being orderly is not important. Time is important. I quickly went down the stairs, my combat boots making a loud noise against the steel. I only have a small window to prepare everything. Fortunately, in my kind of job you always have a plan of escape, which will come in handy right about now. Reaching my car, I unlocked it and dumped the bag in the passenger seat. I took my phone out and called the only person I could trust in this kind of situation. "Hello? I take it the job was a success" Lee Dong Hwi asked on the other side of the line. "We're going into plan B. You know what to do" I told him and hung up the phone. I immediately turned the car on and got in as fast as I could onto the freeway and reaching my hideout in record time. Lee Dong Hwi came running as soon as he saw me get out of the car and with a worried look on his face asked "What happened? This was supposed to be an easy target." "You know there's no such thing as an easy target" I told him. "And the less you know the safer you'll be. You got everything ready?" "Yes, of course" He said adjusting his glasses. "The car is ready, every gun you'll possibly gonna need has been put in there. I got all three different passports for you, so you only have to decide which way you will go." "The money?" I asked while putting on a new clean, long sleeved, white shirt. "That's the first thing I put in there. You have enough cash to blow it up in Vegas if you want to." "Good. How about you? Will you be okay?" I asked worried. "I'm gonna be fine. No one knows I exist. I made sure of it." He said handing me the keys to the car and grabbing his laptop. "I'm gonna miss this place." He said taking one last look at the place that for the last couple of years we had both called home. "TOP?" He called before turning on his motorcycle. "Yes?" "Good luck, call if you need me!" He said throwing me the remote to the detonator before he rode off into the night. I looked at the detonator in my hand, took a last look at my place and got into the getaway car. Once, I made sure I was a good safe distance, I lifted my hand and pressed the detonator without thinking it twice. I heard a big boom before I could see the flames engulfing the warehouse in my rear view mirror. Now, I had only two options left: Number one: Run into hiding and pray that they wouldn't find me or Number two: Clean up the mess I had made. I, chose the latter.
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