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Yoon Kyun-sang is a South Korean actor. He is still a newcomer as a actor however he has a unique taste in fashion and he has a charm which is different from other actor. ProfileBirth Date & Sun Sign Yoon Kyun-sang was born on 31st March in 1987 and currently 29 years old. His zodiac sigh is Pisces. Height, Weight & Measurements He is 187cm(6.1 feet) tall and weights 75kg(165 lbs). Born Place, Nationality, Born name & Stories as a child He was born in Jeonju, South Korea and South Korean by birth.
His birth name is Yoon Kyun-sang. He weighed over 100kg and he couldn’t approach people first in his school days. HeI was shy and had no confidence. He had the thought that he had to do something but he wasn’t prepared to do something. He focused on dieting because he thought there might be a chance that he would gain some confidence when he talked to people if his appearance changed. He lost his weight in a short amount of time that he almost became anorexic. He did some modeling work for about a year and half including 3 collections and he enlisted in the Republic of Korea Army. At that time, he wanted to do acting but he wasn’t prepared and the army was a big obstacle. Following his father’s advice, he enlisted into the army and after getting discharged, he started earnestly acting.
Education He graduated from Sehan University wtih a major in Musical. Family Father & mother Career & Bio His debut was in 2012 in a SBS TV drama Faith but he first drew attention with a supporting role in the television series Pinocchio. Net Worth and Girlfriend He said; “I would like someone I want to see when I’m tired. On the other hand, I don’t like women who don’t have manners. There are people who don’t have manners even at a restaurant. They either treat the workers rashly or are really bossy. Those sides aren’t good.”
Favorite Things Colour: Achromatic Color Interest: Listening Music Watching Movie Playing Basketball Riding Bicycle Food: Pasta Kimchijigae Kimchibokkeumbab Meat Number: 1 TV program: Infinity Challenge Dad where are you going Celebrity: Jung Woo Sung Jo In Sung Park Hae Il who is his role model. Now lets see some of the Drama he has worked..lets do the Historical sinse we are in the Historical Drama Theme..hehe

Six Flying Dragons

Fun facts 1. He have few nicknames like Tteokmani, Heodang(Sloopy).. Daenamu(Bamboo).. Jeonbotdae(Telephone pole), etc.. 2. He doesn’t believe in character description based on Blood Type. 3. His strengths is “Tall body and Positive thinking” and his weaknesses is “Too tall and too positive thinking”. 4. He really love his parents. 5. He doesn’t like his forehead. 6. He has confidence in cooking pasta. 7. He likes sweet fruits but not sour ones. 8. His first kiss was when he was 19 years old. 9. His favorite manga is One Piece which is Japanese manga. 10. His least favorite season is Summer because of the insects. 11. He wants to get married as soon as possible. 12. He want to have One Son and One daughter. 13. He ordered a latte the most at cafes. 14. His favorite perfume is John Varvatos. 15. He wants to get together with his fans and go for a trip. 16. When he isn’t working he stays home and eats well, rests well, and watch dramas and movies. HIS WORKS AND AWARDS. bellow
Next is an Oldie..I think we all saw it That was my first Historical Drama of course my babe Lee Min Ho..hehe


Ok..lets come back.. Next is Doctors. If you saw Dctors you saw him there..I saw it because of Park Shin Hye she is one of my favorite females leads..


And then Iam sure you saw Pinocchio like everyone seen that hehe Lee Jumg Suk right and Park Shin Hye..they made such a cute couple.. ok.. remember Choi DalPo's hyung? that was him..


ok and here is a Cute Bonus of these cute Pinocchio Bromance to end it with hehe ⤵
Yoo Kyun Sang & Lee Jung Suk.

~Yoo Kyun Sang~ MCM

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So Pinocchio is actually my favorite drama and of course I remember him. He made me cry so much and his acting was amazing along with Shin-hye and Jong-suk. There was so much talent in that drama! I also saw him in Faith and Doctor Crush.
Yes me too..🤗😆
I still haven't watched Pinocchio, but I've seen Dr. Crush