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So I saw Jackson face and saw he lost more weight. I didn't say anything when he first lost it but now I have to say what is on my mind. First off Jackson was just fine and perfect before he lost his weight. second I love his cheeks. I love them so much. third he don't need to get skinny and I wish somebody would just shake him and tell him he is okay the way he was. why did he lose so much weight. I didn't even recognize him. and everybody know I love Jackson. so for me not to recognize my baby face ans it's hurts me to not recognize the man I'm going to marry. But do some of y'all think the same thing or I'm just going Jackson crazy
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some people are just naturally thinner, especially in Asian countries, a lot of westerners look at Asians and freak out because of how thin they might look, because it must mean they are unhealthy or anorexic, in truth this is more often than not, not the case, what is a natural and healthy weight for one person is not the same for another. Jackson has thinned down a little, but that's okay, it doesn't necessarily mean he is unhealthy or not eating enough
@MattK95 I'm not saying that he not heathy I'm just saying he don't need to get any skinnier thats it. I hope he gains so of he weight back
He looks great however as long as he is healthy. Some people want to be thinner to become more beautiful or handsome, but that didn't work, since he looked flawless beforehand. J-Flawless!!!
@EleanorKriegel your right I just love his cheeks so much that I miss them
I hope it's healthy weight-loss. Whether he has fuller cheeks or not hands down Jackson Wang is FINE. I just thought he got even better looking. He was giving me heart attacks before I had a full on stroke seeing him lately. My advice to him is be happy in your skin because he is the only person living in it. While maintaining his health. Noona supports you Jackson.
I'm glad I'm not the only one that noticed this. He looks almost too thin and unhealthy now.
I didn't even notice that he lost any weight
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