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It is the last night of summer vacation and you were sitting at home, bored. Flipping through all of the channels on your tv, just trying to find something descent to watch.
The light tapping of rocks against your window caught your attention, turning in that direction and unfolding your legs from underneath you. You stood up and slowly started to walk to the uncovered window, Peering out the window, another small pebble hit the window. Opening the window you peered down at your boyfriend smiling up at you.
“You shouldn’t be inside on a perfect night like this” He smiled up at you
“Then where should I be?” You leaned your folded arms against the window seal; a small smile curling onto your pink lips.
“With me~” He smiled and moved on his feet a little nervous of his wording.
Chuckling, you nodded your head and rested your chin in the palm of your hand.
“I see~” You nodded your head, “You know we could watch a movie together”
“We have done that already, besides we will have lots of time to do that when it is raining or snowing outside” He looked back up at you.
“Then what do you suggest?” You cooed, wondering what he was going to say.
“A walk under the stars?” He suggested before biting down on his lip, hoping that you would like his simple idea
“I’ll be right down!” You smiled and moved from under the window.
Sliding the window closed, you trotted over to the mirror beside the door. Fixing your hair and your outfit a little you slipped on some sneakers and opened the front door before closing it behind you. Chanyeol was waiting for you on the sidewalk with a smile and his hands at his side.
Feeling the cool, night air hit your skin, you shivered slightly and walked up beside your boyfriend.
“I walked under the stars, what shall we do now?” You bounced on your toes as he just chuckled at you and ruffled up your hair.
“Yah, I mean both of us walk further than just to your house” He poked your cheek with his special smile that he only showed to you.
Starting to walk down the street, you trotted up until you were right beside him. With his hands stuffed in his jacket pockets, you linked your arm with his.
“Where are we walking to Channie?” You smiled and looked up at him while your strides matched his.
“I thought we would just walk were ever we felt like.” Chanyeol shrugged his shoulders
“So you don’t know where are we going?” You stopped and pulled on his arm once he walked a few more steps
“That is what makes it fun” He smiled and winked at you
“But what if we get lost” You mumbled quietly
“Don’t worry, we won’t go too far” He nudged your shoulder lightly, earning a little smile to form on your lips. Nodding your head, you started to walk with him once more.
“So, what have you been up to today?” Changyeol asked trying to make a conversation between the two of you.
“Well, I listened to music for a while, watched the new episode of my drama, then dance videos and music videos. What did you do?” You turned to him as he smiled
“Just the usual, work and helping out my brother and parents, I went over to my
Grandparent’s today, to help them with their garden.” He told you with a proud tone in
his voice.
“That sounds lovely” You smiled, as the two of you continued to talk.
One thing led to another and you two were talking about how you first met and your first impressions on each other.
“Honestly, I was afraid to talk to you” You confessed quietly
“Oh really? Why?” Chanyeol slipped his hand into yours and held it lovingly.
“Well you were just so cute and at the time you had another girlfriend, and I didn’t want her to feel like I was trying to steal you away from her” You held onto his hand a little tighter.
“I can have girls as friends and still have a girlfriend, you know” He clearified, “But it wasn’t going to work out. I am much happier with you than I ever was with her.”
“I’m glad, since I am really comfortable around you” You hung your head a little low. The sound of crickets filled the comfortable silence as Chanyeol looked over at you.
The grumbling of clouds lifted both of your eyes to the darkening sky. Chanyeol stopped for a moment and took off his jacket as he helped put it on you.
“What are you doing?” You questioned as he zipped up the zipper of the jacket half way.
“I don’t want you to catch a cold if the rain starts to come” He honestly told you. Lacing his fingers with yours once more, the two of you walked into the park.
The scent of his jacket caused you to smile for no reason at all. Running your thumb over his fingers, he looked at you and smirked before the two of you kept walking down the sidewalk.
“Do you think it is going to rain on us?” You gazed up at the dark clouds that started to blot out the moon and stars.
“Maybe we should head back…” He looked at you, nodding your head the two of you turned around and started to head back to your place.
“Thank you for saving me” You giggled and kicked a stray rock up the road.
“From what?” He tilted his head curiously at you
“From boredom” You smiled and bit your bottom lip gently
“Ah… boredom can be a real monster if you aren’t careful” He played along
“I know, and he comes on so suddenly, like you are having fun and then the next moment he is there and has his arms wrapped around you and you just can’t do anything.” You explained
“I know that monster all too well, but do you know what really works to shoo him away?” Chanyeol turned his head as you got a perfect view of his side profile.
“What?” You probed
“Being with someone that you love” He bit his lip and looked down at your hands.
Right when you were about to say something, a downpour of rain came out of nowhere.
Chanyeol started to run to the nearest tree, with you following him and holding your hand over your head. With your back pressed up against the bark of the tree, you felt your heart beating faster and faster by the second. With his body close to yours, his hair
dripping wet and sticking to his face, your eyes gently moved around his face taking in
the rare sight.
“I guess we are here until the storm lets up” He tells you over the pounding rain, tucking some wet hair behind your ear, he brushed the back of his fingers against your skin to wipe away the droplets of water.
“I guess so” You smiled at his warm touch that sent your heart into overdrive and your eyes not leaving his.
Listening to the rain, the two of you peered into each others eyes, his eyes glanced down at your lips and gently bit his, Moving closer to you, his hand wrapped around his damp sweatshirt that hung over you loosely. Pulling himself closer to you, he leaned down and started to move in slowly.
Closing his eyes, he gently pressed his lips on yours, your eyes fluttered closed as your hands gently snaked up around his neck. Your fingers found their way through his wet hair, feeling the warmth of his body, you moved closer to him before he moved his lips on yours. Butterflies were released in your stomach and fireworks were set off, the magical kiss sent you to a place where no one has ever taken you before.
Pulling away slightly after, he gazed into your eyes while his fingers gently twirled your hair around his fingers. The rain started to let up and he pulled the hood over your head and kissed your forehead gently.
Heading off back to your home, he smiled as you couldn’t keep a smile off of your face either. Knowing that both of you found true love and your feelings towards each other was real, this was one first kiss that you wouldn’t ever forget.
It's so cute and sweet I loved it. Tag me if you do more
thank you so much!!! I will do a lot more. I am uploading my stories from my other sites. follow me and you will get when I post more!
awww how cute is that?
thank you so much!!! I am glad that you enjoyed it!!