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“Hello! Thank you for joining us for the celebration of ____ _____” Minza, your leader, smiled into the camera as the other members quickly finished the final touches, “We haven’t told her about this surprise party that we are going to reveal to her in just a few minutes so this will be a fun surprise. If you would like to, please comment or post a picture of video and when we open presents we will read some of your comments and watch your videos!”
There was a knock on the door as she snapped her head around and carried the camera towards the door as your other band members happily gathered around the entry with a large banner overhead wishing you a happy birthday.
One of the members opened the door as you stood on the other side a little confused as to why the door was locked.
“Happy Birthday!!!” Your members cheered happily as you stood there a little stunned, thinking that they forgot all about your birthday or they would just present you with a cake and call that good.
Stepping inside, your backpack strap slowly fell from your one shoulder as your eyes scanned the beautifully decorated and colorful living room and kitchen. The confusion on your face quickly turned into an expression of happiness and excitement as you stepped inside and hugged every one of your members.
“Wave hi to your fans as well” Minza called to you as you turned towards the camera she was holding in her palm before you waved and smiled.
“Thank you all so much for tuning in! We are going to have an awesome time!” You smiled and did a cute smile and wink as you placed your two fingers up by your eye as your members happily spread out in the room.
“_____!” One of your other members called as she trotted over to you, holding out a new pair of your favorite pajamas, “Why don’t you change into this for your pajama party?!”
“Sweet! I will be right back!” You happily took the pajamas from her hold as you trotted off to your room as the members quickly hooked up the V App to broadcast through several cameras in the space as well as getting the comments up onto the tv screen.
Coming back out, you pulled your hair up into a playful ponytail with a bandanna wrapped around it perfectly matching the black tank top and adorable teddy bear pajama bottoms.
“Look we have so many comments!” Tina, the maknae of your group, pointed out as you trotted over to the couch and settled down on a middle cushion, folding your legs under you.
“What did they say?!” You happily replied, your eyes moving over the screen as most of the comments were “Happy Birthday”, “You are an inspiration”, “Have a wonderful year ahead”, plus several other positive comments along those lines.
“Omo! Look! Your potential boyfriend posted something!” One of your members pointed out as you read Chanyeol’s username.
“Guys, you know he isn’t anything more than my friend” You told them as “ah’s” filled the room as the others thought how sweet he was to remember your birthday.
“He sent you a video too!” Another member pointed out as they looked at each other with bright smiles.
“Play it!” They all started to chant as you shook your head and tried to get them to settle down. Watching the video pop up, your eyes observed the play button being hit as you pulled your knees up to your chest, trying to hide any emotion as you saw Chanyeol on the big screen.
“Happy Birthday _________, this year has been super special since we met soon after you had your birthday.” He laughs and lifts his hand up trying to cover up his beautiful, perfect smile, “I am just kidding but for being my friend and someone I look up to I wanted to present you with a present and a wish for this year to be as good as if not better than the year you just left behind.”
Just then, one of your members pulled over a beautiful large box and placed it on the open spot beside you. It was a beautifully simple box, your favorite color encasing the large box with a white bow tying it all together with a large matching bow squarely in the middle.
“Before you open the present that is beside you, I want to read you this quote that I fell in love with from Peter Gray, “In a world where everyone seems to be larger and louder than yourself, it is very comforting to have a small, quiet companion.” I know being an idol isn’t easy so I thought that you could use a friend to talk to, to share your life with that you can always depend on.” Chanyeol smiled widely before he lifted his hand up to his lips, kissing his fingers gently, he blew you a kiss before the video ended.
Your members watched you as you turned your attention to the box sitting beside you, carefully lifting the lid off of the large box, you smiled as your eyes laid on the white rilakkuma that was comfortably laying in a pastel colored blanket. Lifting the teddy bear into your hands, the girls around you gasped and felt their knees go weak from the beautiful message and meaningful gift as you just smiled and pet her head gently.
After a few more videos from fans and all of the presents opened, you happily took a look at the new video games you got and a few blankets as well as the latest movies.
“Thank you guys so much for all of the lovely presents” You smiled as you bid the fans goodbye before turning off the cameras.
“Now time for the real party to begin” Minza smiled as she trotted over to the door and opened it up widely, letting in a handful of people. Slipping off their shoes, everyone was dressed in pajamas and trotted over to the living room.
“Let’s put in a video game and play!” You smile seeing all of the new competitors that you could beat at your favorite games both old and new. Placing one of your presents in your console, you turned on your controllers before you felt two hands cover your eyes.
“Hands up” A soft voice whispered by your ears.
Placing your controllers down on the ground by your feet, you rose your hands slowly as the hands gently dropped from your eyes as you heard the person stand up from behind you and lift you upright slowly as you straightened your legs. Turning around, you slowly laid eyes on the person who covered your eyes.
“Chanyeol!” You flung your arms around his shoulders and hugged him tightly, “Thank you for the video and for the beautiful bear” Feeling his arms wrap around you, his fingers spread along your sides slightly as he pulled you closer to him.
“You are very welcome” Chanyeol whispered as the two of you pulled away soon after.
“I did have a question though” You tilted your head to one side as your hands slowly dropped from his shoulders
“Shoot” Chanyeol smiled letting you ask him your question.
“Isn’t the white teddy supposed to have a brown teddy with her?” You questioned knowing they are always bought as pairs.
“I have the other one” Chanyeol confessed quietly as your heart stopped for a beat or two, wanting to ask him more questions, you kept your eyes on him.
“Are we going to play or not?” One of your members yelled loudly as you tried to keep your eyes on his but had to tear yours away when you felt a hand on your shoulder.
“Are we going to play?” She questioned as you nodded and knelt down, handing her a controller as Chanyeol gathered up the other two controllers and handed one to you.
“So I am player one?” Chanyeol smiled as he waved the controller in front of you.
Reaching out quickly, you tried to grab the controller however Chanyeol was too quick for you and held it up high, out of your reach.
“Fine” You huffed as you turned all the controllers off then set yours as controller one before sticking your tongue out at him and trotted to the couch and started your game.
Chanyeol plopped down right beside you as you, Chanyeol and two other players valiantly fought the enemies. Hours ticked away as everyone got a turn and they created a bracket to see who was the best sharp shooter of all of the rounds. A few of the members were starting to nod off as the sky got darker and the moon hung up in the sky.
As the tournament wound down, they crowned you queen and rubbed their eyes slowly falling sleepy from all of the excitement and activities of that day.
“______, why don’t we watch one of your new movies?” Minza questioned as she snuggled into a large bean bag.
“That sounds like a good idea” You smile as you finish the round before gathering up the controllers and picking a movie out of your stack to watch before slipping it in.
Sitting back next to Chanyeol, another member turned off the lights letting the light illuminate from the tv into the dark room. Getting comfortable on the couch, you watched the movie as you started to feel a little tired from all of the festivities.
About halfway through the movie, your head slowly rested on the shoulder next to you.
Chanyeol looked down feeling a new weight on his shoulder as he smiled seeing your head on his shoulder. Carefully, he pulled a free blanket from the back of the couch and laid it over your form before brushing his fingertips across your cheek to slowly tuck some hair behind your ear.
For the rest of the movie, he watched you instead of the moving images, highly more interested in you than the movie anyways. When the movie ended and fell silent at the end of the credits, one of your members turned it off as Chanyeol looked around seeing everyone else asleep as well.
Slowly, he moved under you a little so that your head was now resting on his chest. Instinctively, your arms slowly wrapped around him as he adjusted the blanket on you before he kissed your head and watched you sleep for a moment longer.
“You are the white bear to my brown one, the fans have it right. I love you and wish that we were a real couple.You are my teddy bear.” Slowly, his fingers played with your hair as you just hummed and nuzzled your head into his chest. “Sweet dreams Birthday Girl~”.
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Omgosh that is the cutest thing ever!!! 😊💙💙💙💙 Love this story!
Thank you so much!!! I appreciate your comment!!! thank you for reading!!!