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“Cody~” Your chirpy voice echoed through your empty condo, exiting your room, you saw your Golden Retriever laying on his pillow bed, all comfy and cozy. Deciding not to wake him, you shuffled into the kitchen and pulled a scoop of food from the container and poured it into his aluminum bowl.
Tinkling of the dried food in the bowl lifted his ears and his head as he yawned before stretching then trotting over to his food bowl, downing his food hungrily. Grabbing an apple for yourself, you ran it under the water from your sink before you bit into it watching your best friend eat his breakfast.
“What should we do today, Cody?” You talked to your best friend as your lovingly let your gaze stay on him as he ate.
“Shall we go chase the mail man? Maybe we could play some Frisbee? Fetch?” You kept your eyes on him to watch his reactions, “Hrmmm how about a…. walk?”
Cody looked up at you as he ran over to you and sat down, lifting up his paw and pressing it against your exposed leg. an excited yelp came from his mouth as you knelt down and ruffled his hair on his head.
“A walk it is then~ Go finish breakfast” You smiled and pointed to his bowl, before he left he left a wet sloppy kiss on your cheek before you stood back up and finished your apple as he finished his dry dog food.
Tying up your shoes, you lifted your eyes up slightly to see four hairy paws standing in front of you, a leash was dangling on the ground. Lifting your head up more, you were greeted with Cody holding his leash in his mouth.
“You cutie pie, I am coming” You giggle as you hooked his leash to his collar before you pulled your hair up into a pony tail and headed out the door.
The fresh morning air felt cool against your warm skin. trotting down the few stairs in front of your condo, you felt Cody lightly tug on the leash. One block of walking to warm up then running around the dog park.”
Looking up at you, his brown kind eyes twinkled while his pink tongue flopped out of his mouth. Walking along with him, the two of you made it through the slightly busy streets, turning off the main sidewalk, you jogged and began your work out. Cody trotted beside you letting both of you enjoy the beautiful morning, keeping your pace even with his, he stayed at your side even when you picked up pace up the hills.
The concrete sidewalk turned into a dirt trail the closer the two of you came to the dog park. Picking up your feet a little more, you were more cautious on where to put your feet with the loose rocks beneath your feet.
“On your left” A breathy voice called as you and Cody moved over to the right side of the trail so they could pass, your eyes caught his athletic form and his Siberian Husky running next to him, the pink tongue flapping in the wind as he ran faster as his dog ran faster egging him on, Laughing he raced his dog along the winding trail.
Looking down at Cody, you smiled and pushed your pace a little faster, complying with your speed, he cantered next to you as your eyes stayed on the man that passed you.
Slowing you pace after a while, you heard some more steps come from behind, turning your head you noticed the same man run past you.
“On your left” He smiled as his husky barked as a thank you once he passed you.
Jogging up to the gate of the off leash part of the dog park, you unhooked the leash from Cody as he obediently stayed by your side.
“Go play~” You sang ruffling his fur a little, bouncing around, you watched him run off a little and stick his nose to the ground discovering new smells as he made sure he was still close to you. Walking around the dirt path, you enjoyed watching all of the other dogs having fun as well.
“Let’s go to the water Cody” You called as he romped and played back to you,
Heading over to the river that lead into a large pond, you watched as Cody enjoyed watching the fish in the stream and then run through the water on the shoreline.
A laugh caught your attention, knowing that not a lot of people were ever at your favorite part of the park, you slowed your pace to a slow walk as your eyes laid on the man with the same outfit as before, a loose grey t shirt that hugged his shoulders tightly, black warm up pants loosely hung from his waist while running shoes outfitted his feet.
The beautiful sandy blonde hair of his blew in the slight morning breeze as his smile curled on his face as he tossed a stick from the edge of the water.
A fluffy creature rubbed up against your exposed legs, shaking your thoughts away from the stranger, you lowered your eyes as your dog sat on his hind legs, begging cutely with a large stick sticking from either side of his mouth. With a smile, you leaned over and grabbed the stick from his mouth.
“Go get it~!” You smiled as you tossed it into the water, keeping your distance from the man and his dog. Cody ran into the water, swimming out a little ways, he retrieved the stick and swam back to shore so you could throw it again.
After a few time of him grabbing the stick, you watched as the Siberian Husky started to swim over to him, watching them closely, they mingled in the shallow water. Leaning down on their front paws they begged each other to play, taking off quickly, they happily ran and played with each other in the water. Hearing a whistle, the husky’s head perked up and started to run towards the origin of the sound. Cody happily followed as you walked along the beach to see the man holding a stick as they two dogs watched him intently, wondering when and where he would throw the stick.
“Cody, come here boy!” You called as he stood in between the man with the stick and you, looking at you with a pleading gaze, he wanted to play with the other dog and you knew he did.
“He can play if he wants to, she won’t do anything” The man reassured from afar as you nodded and released him to go play. Slowly you made your way over to the man as the two played hard to get in the water.
“Thanks for letting him play with your dog” You commented after clearing your throat a little.
“No problem. I am sure they enjoy their dog time” He turned his head towards you, his beautiful blue eyes were almost as beautiful as the sky while his pink lips parted showing off a classic smile.
“I know Cody does” You advert your eyes from under his gaze, feeling your cheeks start to tint with blush.
“Maggie likes it too, especially when she finds another dog just as energetic as she is”
The man turned his eyes towards the two dogs playing, taking turns to grab the stick keeping it from each other.
“My name is Chris, what’s yours?” He turned to you offering his hand to you to shake.
“I-I’m ______, it is nice to meet you and your dog Chris” You slipped your hand into his larger one, shaking his hand with yours, you smiled and broke the handshake a few seconds later.
“How old is Maggie?” You questioned wanting to start a conversation with him.
“She is just two, she has a lot of energy and I don’t have the luxury of taking her here all the time so she enjoys the day she can come and get out” Chris smiled as he shifted his weight on his feet a little. “What about Cody?”
“He is three, we come out here often but usually no one is around the part of the park so we were surprised to see some visitors” You glanced over at him, another smile formed on his lips as you couldn’t hide your smile from parting your lips any longer.
Watching your two dogs for a while, a yelp came from them as the two of you started to look around to see which dog it was. Cody held the stick in his mouth as he pulled Maggie to shore, helping her, she was obviously limping as she whined a little hobbling over to Chris.
“What is the matter sweetie?” He knelt down as his dog sat in front of him and lifted up her hurt paw for him to take. Cody trotted by your side as you knelt down too and pet behind his ear just how he liked it.
Investigating her hurt paw, Chris pulled a thorn out of her paw and put pressure on the open wound until it stopped bleeding. Maggie leaned up and licked his cheek a few times as he turned and kissed the top of her head then her nose.
“I love you too, you will be just fine. Go have fun for a little more then we have to go home” Chris’ eyes filled with love as he set her paw down gently. With another kiss from
Maggie, she nipped at Cody before the two of them took back off along the shoreline, running as fast as they could.
“They really are having a lot of fun together” Chris smiled standing upright and brushing the sand off of his hands.
“They are, I haven’t seen Cody having this much fun in a long time” You smiled glancing at Chris.
“Maybe… if you want to would you like to get together sometime and let our dogs play with one another?” Chris offered as he turned his head and his eyes met yours for the first time.
“That would be really nice, I am sure they would enjoy that” You nodded as he smiled brighter than before.
“Could I get your phone number so we could set up the date and time?” Chris shifted from one foot to another as you nodded your head, pulling your phone from your pocket in your running tights.
Exchanging numbers, the dogs were sitting at your feet laying down and trying to slow their breathing letting their tongues hang lazily out of their mouths.
“Would you like to walk back with us?” You offered as Chris smiled with a nod.
“That would be great, ______” He bit his lip gently as the four of you headed back.
Talking along the way, the two of you were laughing and enjoying each others company. Your dogs set the pace nice and slow which gave you and Chris time to talk, a friendship began to grow between the two of you as he walked out of the park with you.
“I wish you luck with your work and hopefully next weekend we can get together” You stopped and smiled at him as he nodded
“Of course, I will keep in touch for sure” He smiled and knelt down ruffling Cody’s fur as you bent down and pet Maggie too.
Your dogs said a goodbye before the two of you parted ways, walking just a little bit, you turned back to see Chris as he was watching you walk away too. Blush filled your cheeks as you waved to him, waving back to you, the two of you rounded separate corners. Just a few minutes later your phone buzzed, pulling your phone out of your pocket, you opened the message as you smiled seeing that it was from Chris.
Did you want to get together tomorrow? Fetch in the park at 9, then lunch on me? - C
Sounds perfect~!
An extra bounce was in your step as you and Cody headed back to your condo. Making it home, you watched Cody go to his bed and flop down on the comfy pillow. Grabbing yourself a glass of water, you settled yourself on the couch as you couldn’t stop thinking of all of the fun that you and Cody would have tomorrow.