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The light was starting to fade outside your windows, making you more anxious knowing that Daeryong would be here anytime for your date, you quickly moved over to the mirror in the entrance to take a final look over yourself.
Your eyes started looking at your makeup, seeing that the light natural makeup that you put on would make for a great concert in the park. Allowing your eyes to drop, you saw your black buttoned up shirt, the sleeves rested right above your elbows, pulling the bottom of the shirt down, you noticed your slightly ripped lighter jeans and your cute flats that you decided would be comfy for tonight.
Lastly, you looked at your hair, taking in your super curly locks, your fingers fiddled with the ends as you tried to pull it straight to see if it would look better. Finding it would look better natural, you heard the knock on the door, your heart skipped a beat and a lump instantly formed in your throat.
Trotting over to the door, you quickly undid the locks and swung open the door to your boyfriend, Daeryong, standing there in a V neck ebony t shirt, bleach splattered jeans and some white high tops rounded off the outfit.
“Hey cutie~” He sang with a smile pulling to one side of his more than the other.
“Hey Dae~” You cooed and opened the door wider so that he could come inside for just a moment.
“So I thought I would stop by a little early, I-I hope that is okay?” Daeryong rubbed the back of his neck nervously
“That is perfectly fine, I was ready way too early anyways” You chuckled
“We could go now and make sure that we have a good view of the band” He pointed towards the door with his thumb over his shoulder.
“That is a great idea, just let me grab my phone” You trotted back to your room and slid your phone into your back pocket before he held out his hand, linking yours with his you were on the way to the concert in the park.
Opening the passenger door for you, he smiled and helped you into your seat, buckling your seat belt he slid into the drivers seat and started off to the park. Occasionally, he would glance over and take a double take of your hair. Feeling his eyes on you so much made you a little uncomfortable for some reason.
Arriving at the park, the two of you got out, he opened up his trunk and pulled out a blanket for the two of you to sit on together. Sliding his hand through yours, he smiled and slightly bit his bottom lip while the two of you walked a little to get the to large soccer fields that transformed into a perfect setting for an outdoor concert.
“What band is playing tonight?” You questioned while the two of you walked down onto the grass fields.
“It is a variation of different artists, but I am sure that you will love it” He smiled and brought you down to where everyone was starting to gather.
“Where would you like to sit Daeryong?” You turned your head, knowing that he still had his idol image to keep up and he had to stay away from fans.
“How about over there?” He asks, pointing over to the outskirts and the slight rise of the
“Perfect” You smiled as the two of you walked over there, feeling his eyes on you once more, you cleared your throat and he instantly adverted his eyes.
Lifting the folded blanket from over his arm, he unfolded it and laid it on the grass. The two of you happily sat down on the blanket to look at the spot that the two of you had chosen.
“This is perfect” He smiles, leaning back on his hands, his legs stretched out and crossed at the ankles while some light pre-show music started to play.
“It is, and such a beautiful night for it” You smiled up at the clear skies while the sun started to make its decent. Feeling his eyes on you again, you glanced over and your feeling was correct, turning your head to face his, you looked into his eyes as he just smiled and chuckled.
“What?” You giggled, just shaking his head, you watched his face turn back to yours and he bit his bottom lip.
“I just… well… I didn’t know you had curly hair” He stuttered a little not knowing how you would react.
“O-Oh, well I do straighten it a lot” You looked down as you didn’t know if he was happy or disappointed by your natural hair.
“I like it better this way, it is different” He smiles and lifts one of his hands and brushes his fingers over your arm.
“It is” You sighed, thinking that different meant bad.
“This might be a weird question to ask… but… can I feel your hair?” Daeryong questioned, your head snapped up to see if he was serious.
Those big brown eyes of his was smoldered and you felt yourself giving in, just nodding your head, he looked down at his hand and carefully raised it up to your hair. Seeing his hesitation, his hand slowly came down and you sat up a little taller letting his hand touch your hair. A smile curled onto his face while his hand gently slid down your curly locks.
His eyes watched his hand, going over the curly strands of your hair, a smile curled onto your lips as you moved closer to him and he moved closer to you.
“I’m never going to stop petting your beautiful hair” He whispers as he kisses your head and plays with your ends, twirling the curls around his fingers and then pulling them straight just to see them curl up again.
“S-So you l-like my curly hair” You tilted your head to look into his eyes.
“I don’t like it” He looked down at you, “I love it” He kissed your forehead while your head rested on his shoulder.
The band got up on the stage and started playing their music as the sun continued to fall behind the horizon. Singing to some of the songs that you knew and Daeryong and you giggling and joking around, you couldn’t up but feel extra happy that he loved your hair and loved you just the way you were.