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The cool morning air rushed in through your window as you got packed for a fun weekend with your best friend, Daesung. The doorbell rang, with anticipation you ran to the door. You opened the door slightly to see who it is. Nobody was there, nobody that you could see anyways. You were about to close the door when you saw Daesung’s hair behind a pillar in the hallway of your apartment. You crept up to him and jumped at him like a little kid does when they are trying to scare someone.
“Boo!” You said as you jumped out in the open
“You found me!!” Daesung blushed, you always did stuff like this, childish things for sure.
You welcomed Daesung into your apartment as you helped bring his bags inside.
“Are you ready to go?” Daesung found a seat on the couch around all of the supplies.
“Yeah give me a sec. I have to go pack the food if we wanted to eat out in the woods on our camping trip.”
“Oh, I think that we can do without.” Daesung said chuckling under his breath.
Half an hour later you were able to leave the apartment and head out in the woods with Daesung and his truck that you had loaded up with everything you needed for a couple days. Both of you were having a great time to the camp, talking, singing songs, telling jokes and everything that you enjoy doing together. You finally reached the camp site and you found a desolated spot for you and Daesung to have a wonderful weekend.
The campsite was surrounded by trees, a little stream was trickling by, everything was very quite and relaxing. Daesung set up the tent that he brought, while you made a little snack for the both of you. Night soon fell upon both of you and with a fire and s'mores talking to Daesung as the beautiful night soon faded into a rainy nightmare.
Daesung and you both ran into the tent grabbing what ever you could. Inside the tent you tried to keep warm but with your soaking wet clothes and your wet hair bringing down your body temperature you shivered, with the temperatures dropping outside of the tent and the rain coming down at a faster pace then I remembered. Your teeth started chattering and Daesung sleeping on the other side of the tent heard it and climbed over all of the wet equipment and gently shook your shoulder.
“Are you cold, ______?” Daesung said quietly
“Not really, I am a little wet though from the dripping tent.” you said not trying to complain
“Ok, well would you mind if I slept with you, I am cold and I don’t want to be alone on a night like this.”
You acknowledged him to come into your sleeping bag, he crawled in and wrapped his arms around your waist. You woke up the next morning to the rain pattering on the tent above, you turned over hoping that Daesung was there, you saw nobody, so you thought that he was being sweet and he got breakfast for you while you were still sleeping. You got dressed and went outside of the tent where Daesung was no where to be found.
“Dae, Dae, Dae” You got louder with each call. You felt something slide up your back then you heard in a deep, raspy voice
“Don’t you dare move, it you do I will hurt you, now move over by that big tree.”
You did what the strange man said, you sat next to the hard tree as you heard footsteps coming around the other side of the tree, you looked over to where the footsteps where coming from.
“Keep your head forward and no one will get hurt.” the strange voice said, you slowly turned your head to the forward position.
“We found another…” the other man said
“Good” the stranger turned to you, “Do you know him, sweetie.” You showed no emotion. “Don’t be afraid to look, sweetie.”
You glanced up and you saw Daesung, face down in the dirt, with his plaid shirt ripped into shreds. You tried not to show any emotion because of the hostels that got you tied up. Daesung looked up with his big eyes and the second hostel pushed his face down in the dirt, you winced at the sight.
“So, you do know this man, sweetie.” Then he turned to his boys “search everything, lets see if we cannot find out who these people are. Put him over across the way from her so she can get a good look at what is coming.”
The men did what they were told to do. After they tied Daesung up to the tree, he left in a hurry towards out tent. You moved my legs and tried to get Daesung’s attention. He looked up with caution and his hair was in his eyes as you saw a tear clear a path down his cheek through the dirt that was on his face.
“Hey, Dae, are you ok?” whispering so the hostels would not hear you.
“This happened because of me, if I wasn’t trying to be cute we would still be in our tent right now, and if it wasn’t for me you would be hanging out with your friends and none of this would have happened.” He looked down at the ground again.
“This is the most exciting thing that has happened to me, I am just glad that I am here with you, just promise me one thing…” you heard some rustling of the bushes behind you, you froze as did Daesung.
Daesung’s eyes got wide with fear as he watched something behind you move. He moved his lips to make the words don’t move. You sat as still as you could, the man moved from your left to the right of Daesung, he was holding a pistol and had the trigger ready to fire. The hostel turned to Daesung.
“So Kang Daesung, you work for YG, right. Your also in a band named Big Bang. Well then we know who you are and so we tell you goodbye.”
The man aimed for Daesung’s chest with the gun and then he pointed down and shot. Screaming and kicking you curled up in a ball. The man turned toward you and taped your mouth and your legs together.
“If we find who you are, you better be prepared…” then he walked off.
Leaving you and Daesung unguarded, you whimpered Dae, you tried to locate where the bullet hit him and you couldn’t see anything on his chest, so then you thought about where the man moved his gun and shot. You scanned Daesung’s body for any clue of where the bullet was. Just then you saw him move and he looked up at you and mouthed I’m sorry. You looked down at his leg where he nodded, yes. Then you remembered that you put a pocket knife in your back pocket. You reached for your back pocket and found the pocket knife, you through it over to Daesung, when the man came over and hit you on the back of the head with a pail filled with rocks, you flashed in and out of consciousness, you looked at Daesung when he finally got caught free. The men left to go find our car, Daesung scurried over to you, he cut your feet apart and ripped the duct tape from your mouth. He laid you down on his lap, kissed you forehead and put you back upright before he went into their bag that they left out and he found a cell phone. He called 911 and told them everything. A couple hours later you woke with police surrounding the place and medics were hanging over you with tubes. You looked over to the left and you saw Daesung talking to the police. You pointed over to Daesung and then Daesung fainted. One of the medics rushed over to Daesung, you fell into a state of unconsciousness.
You woke up when you were in an ambulance, and they gave you some medicine to deal with the pain. You were taken out of the ambulance and rolled in on a stretcher down the white, empty walls of the hospital. You rolled your head over to see what was beside you, it was Daesung, he was beaten up pretty bad, he had a sheet over him and he was on a ventilator as well as a blood transfusion and an IV. You were rolled into a room and you saw Daesung wheeled into another room. They sedated you and you went under.
The sun glowed with new hope in the hospital room that I was in, the lovely smell of flowers crept into your oxygen mask as you awoke. You looked around your room and examined yourself, a cast on your right arm, a bandage around your head, a black eye and a twisted ankle. You began to wonder what had happened.
A nurse came in and said you had a visitor you acknowledged her request as another nurse pushed a gurney into your room. You wait and see who it is when they put his bed right up next to yours, your head slowly turned to see who was in the bed. It was
Daesung but he was so battered and bruised that you hardly recognized him. His hand fell off of the bed and you took it into yours. He turned his head to see yours, he smiled weakly as you smiled back at him.
“Why are you in here?”
“I asked to have a room with you, I told them what happened and I pleaded that they should put us together it may make us heal faster.” he smiled and you smirked.
“Where were you hit with the bullet?”
“Left thigh.” Daesung looked at his leg with sadness “I bet you wish that you would have been out there with another guy, right?”
“Never, I was with my best friend and you saved me, why should I want someone else when you saved me and you know me so well already.” You look down at your hands intertwined. Daesung lifted your hand up and kissed it as you both endlessly stared into each others eyes for the rest of your stay.