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“Hey sweetheart!” His voice rung from the door as he peeked inside
“Hey Angel!” You called back to him. He dropped his bag in the entranceway and kicked off his shoes, he trotted around the wall that separated you from him. He wrapped his arms around your shoulders as you stood over the sink with your hands covered in soap.
“I missed you” He whispered as he kissed you slightly below the ear.
“I missed you more” You teased back; you grabbed the towel and dried off your hands, turning around slowly. Daesung’s hands moved around your back as your baby bump touched his stomach as you side hugged him.
“How was the baby?” Daesung asked tilting your chin up
“Ok, it’s making me tired though and hungry all the time.” You chuckled as the baby kicked, you winced pulling one hand away from Daesung and holding it to your belly gripping the fabric of your shirt. His hand quickly wrapped around you preventing you to fall to the floor and then held his other hand over yours. A couple of seconds later the pain stopped and you slowly began to stand up straight.
“Let me take care of you” Daesung’s eyes pierced through your doubts and any excuses that you had, you nodded your head slowly as he escorted you to the couch and helped you lay down. He covered you up with a blanket and then gathered all of your hair up in his hand and laid it on one side of your head. He gently brushed your bangs back as you closed your eyes. He sat beside you and watched you fall gently asleep.
–Daesung’s POV—
Her knee bumped my back as I woke up to see if she needed anything. Small whimpers came from her soft pink lips as she grabbed her stomach and curled into a ball. I moved my hand up to her face, my thumb gently moved over her tear soaked cheek as my thumb gently brushed away her tears.
“It hurts Dae, it hurts” Her voice was weak, very soft and out of breath. Her eyes opened slightly and then her eyes slammed shut. I froze.
“Come back, _________! Come back!” I called trying to shake her out of it, she only curled into a ball more. I got up from the floor and picked her up bridle style. I grabbed her jacket and her duffle as I ran out the door with her leaning into my chest. I ran to the next floor and pounded on the door. The door slightly opened revealing Ji-yong’s face.
“Annyeong Daesung!” Ji-yong said as he opened the door a little wider.
“I need you to drive to the hospital for me” My voice began to get softer as her body cramped in my arms, my thoughts raced in and out of my mind as I waited for Ji-yong’s answer.
“Let’s go then!” Ji-yong grabbed his keys and took her bag from my hand. We both ran down to his car as I slid into the backseat with my wife and unborn child, whilst Ji-yong took the driver’s seat. I laid her head on my leg as I ran my fingers over her clammy, sweaty head. Ji-yong drove frantically to the hospital as she groaned. Ji-yong drove up to the overpass; I got out and put her in my arms once again. I ran into the entrance as the double glass doors parted as I approached. Nurses and Doctors flooded around me and you as they took you from my arms and placed you on a white bed and wheeled you away from me. I tried to follow and to hold your hand but they pushed me out, her husband wasn’t wanted. Ji-yong came running in and placed a hand on my shoulder. A couple of tears fell as the double doors clicked together. I walked back to the desk and filled out your paperwork for you.
“She will be fine, she is a fighter. I am sorry but I have to leave, Kang family hwaiting!” Ji-yong comforted me as I turned in the clipboard to the Nurses’ station. Hours ticked by and I paced in front of that door probably a thousand times. A quite yelp called as I stopped dead in my tracks. I watched the door as a man approached with blood splattered all over his scrubs.
“Are you with ________?” He asked pulling down his mask
“Yes I am her husband” I said hanging on to his every word
“Well” He paused as he let out a deep breath, “your baby is fine but we had to do a C-section. It was too hard to do the procedure when she was unconscious. Your wife is doing well we are just finishing her up and then you will get to see her soon.”
“What about the baby?” I asked stepping closer to him
“She is doing well, but she was a month or so premature so she is smaller than normal but she will be ok. At the moment she is being taken care of.” The doctor bowed and I bowed back, he walked through those eerie white doors. I just stood there trying to soak in all of the news.
“Dae? Dae?” You called as you tried to lift your eyelids
“Yeah sweetie I am right here” He squeezed your hand as you slowly opened your eyes
“Where are we?” You asked knowing that the last known place that you were was in your home on your couch.
“We are at the hospital, you fell unconscious and I didn’t know what to do. They had to take the baby out because you were going into labor.” He held your hand as he pushed your sweaty hair away from your face. Your hand rested on your stomach as you felt the bandage wrapped around your torso.
“Sorry” You breathed out as you felt responsible and really sad that he had to do this all alone.
“Don’t worry, I will always be your wings, cause I am your guardian angel” Daesung said as he leaned in and kissed your cheek, “now we can be our daughters’ guardian angels too.”
your welcome daesung is definitely an angel
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he really is!!!
damn this brought tears to my eyes
awwww thank you! I'll take that as a compliment! I appreciate your comment ♡