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Word Count: 1049
Yoongi’s POV:
“Maybe we should be doing this…” “Yoongi… don’t back out on me now…” Kat said with a pout. “This doesn’t fell right… we should just leave them along…” “And both of them stay with the person they were not supposed to be with? I don’t think so… I just... I just can’t live without him any longer…” Kat had my face between her palms. Her lips in that annoying pout she always uses to get her way… I sighed. “They’re happy with each other… if you really like Jungkook, you would let him be happy… that’s why I can’t do this…” I started to walk away from her, but she grabbed my arm and I turned to look at her, but she said nothing. In her eyes, I could see a pit of sorrow…just like the same feeling as I felt seeing her with him. “Please, Yoongi… if you won’t do this for me at least do this for yourself…” she paused and looked into my eyes. “You deserve to be with her… I mean she love or loved you, too. You of all people would know it’s not that easy to fall out of love with someone…”
I paused and looked at the ground. “I still don’t think this is that necessary.” I looked down at the clothes that Kat required me to wear. A nice, gray suit and tie, something that I would never wear on a casual occasion. She, herself, looked like she was wearing a high dollar, red dress and a pair of high heels. “Oh, come on… you look great…” She smiled, rubbing my chest, knowing that I had gave in to her plan. I sighed. “What is with the grumpy face?” She asked pinching one of my cheeks, trying to get me to smile. I gave her a glare, grabbing her wrist in irritation and she stopped with a surprised look on her face. “Don’t… touch… my face…” I paused. “As soon as this plan goes through… I don’t want any contact with you… I mean never again.” Her playful mood became serious suddenly and she pulled her hand away. “Fine, just don’t screw tonight…” She gave me a look that kind of scared me a little and it take a lot to do that. I watched her walk off a little before I started to follow her again.
Jungkook had taken her to a fancy restaurant in a hotel. He had been planning this for weeks. I didn’t know the reason, but I was going to crash this dinner with Kat. I had made reservations long side him, so we can be close to them as possible. When we finally got our seats. I was facing them and Kat could only watch my face to not look suspicious. I watched them for a good thirty minutes, but I wasn’t feeling anger, or jealously. All I could do was watch him make her happy. I looked back at Kat and hesitated. “I think we should leave…” her face contorted. “No, we are not back out of this… you promised that you would help me…” “Yes, we are… I came here because I wanted to make her happy… not make her love me, but if I mess this up for her… I would be doing the exact opposite. I’m leaving and you’re leaving with me…” I stopped and watched them for a few seconds more. Jungkook’s demeanor changed from happy to nervous. He reached into his pocket and pulled a small box out of his pocket.
I could see her face light up, her nod and say something. “Besides we’re too late…” I smiled at their celebration faces. Kat turned around and saw them. She got up, pissed and stormed out of the restaurant looking like a mess.
A seven months later…
“The day I met (Y/n) was the day that change all of our lives… Jungkook’s I think the most…” I spoke loud enough for everyone to hear me in the room. “We all had our ups and downs in this past couple of years, but she always kept smiling… I never realized that behind that smile was Jungkook. He was her fuel to keep going and Jungkook vise versa. I never in my life met a couple that were, so different yet so perfect when they were together. I envy Jungkook for finding his one… so early in life.” I heard a couple chuckles. “A toast to the new couple…” I paused. “For being so dang perfect…Oh, and a thank you to the bride for introducing me to the love of my life, Kristine.” I heard laughter in the crowd as I finished my toast. Ever since Kat left, I hadn’t heard from her and I met Kristine through work. She’s part of (Y/n) group. I thought when I would fall in love again it would be the same as when I was in love with (Y/n), but it was different with Kristine… I can live without (Y/n), but not Kristine…
I walked back to my seat next to my girlfriend, Kristine, and waited for the rest of the ceremony to finish wishing that it was me and Kristine being the center of attention like Jungkook and (Y/n). I smiled as I could imagine both of us with each other for the rest of our lives. “What’s with that stupid grin of yours?” Kristine asked teasingly. “I was imagining us in those seats… and maybe that could be us someday…” I said pointing to Jungkook and (Y/n). Her face went from smiling to serious. “Quit messing with me Min Yoongi!” she hit me on the shoulder softly. “I wasn’t joking around…” I pretended to pout.
(Y/n)’s POV:
I was happy beyond happy. I couldn’t describe the feeling of being with him for the rest of life. As we took the floor for our first dance as a married couple, my cheeks were cramping from smiling so much. He looked into my eyes and we dance for what felt like a life time. I put my forehead against his and took in the smell of his scent. I felt his lips press against mine as our bodies glided across the floor… not having a care in the world who was watching…
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