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Hi everyone! Ah the weekend was so jam packed with events! Crazy crazy. lol so chapter gets to come out today! p.s. With how this story is coming out I feel like I'm soon going to have to be changing the picture to include more of the members. omo as they get the love interest title their face could be added. lol okay sorry random thought popping out
Layla view**** I came into the gym with keri and searched out Mia. She was somewhere here. "Mia where are you?" I called out grabbing her attention.   She looked over at me and I waved. "Um Layla is that kooki?" Keri asked next to me.  I looked at the guy who wacb parts looking at Mia now and saw keri was right, it was kooki. "One second!" Mia called out. She was just getting off the treadmill. I turned on my heels. "What?" Keri questioned. "I don't want him to see me" I said. Oh gosh if he saw me he would tell Tae I was here and then he would know I was at the gym. Not like that mattered but I wasn't sure if he would come or if he would find out I was rock climbing. Mia came over to us and tapped my shoulder. "You ready to rock climb?" Mia asked in a chipper voice. "Is it in a seperate room?" I asked. "Yes, its in the back, come on we can head back there now" mia said. "Just a minute I know that person" keri said pointing to someone. "Kooki!" She called out waving her hand in the air. I quickly grabbed her arm and clamped my hand over her mouth. Mia gave me a quizzical look. "Don't call him over" I hissed at her. "You know him?" Mia asked. "Keri? Layla? Is that you?" Kooki asked making me still.  He was right behind me. I turned slowly to look at him removing my hand from Keri's mouth. "Hey kooki! What are you doing here?" Keri asked. "I go to this gym" he said looking at her. "Oh cool" keri nodded. "What are you doing here?' He asked her. "We came to rock climbing with Mia, Layla's friend" she said. Kooki looked at Mia who was looking away. "You look familiar" he said looking at Mia. "That dancer in the park!" He said all of a sudden snapping his fingers. "You know Mia?" Keri asked. "Well I've seen her. I didnt know we went to the same gym" he said. "How do you know her?" Kooki asked looking at Keri. "Actually she's friends with Layla" keri said. "Oh, does yoongi know your here? He was kind of upset earlier" kooki said. Keri scrunched up her nose. "I don't know why he would be. I was mostly sleeping at home all day" she said. "But I'll see him tomorrow" she shrugged. "Oh yes don't you have a wedding to go to in a week?" Kooki asked. That shocked me, I didn't know she had a wedding she was going to. "Yes which means I'm doing a bachelorrette party" she said. "at some point this week" she shrugged. "you? throw a party?' kooki laughed. "so glad I amuse you. but seriously I am" keri said. The two of them talked for a moment before she ended it. I was staying silent. I wasn't sure what to say to him, but it wasn't really matter since he was only talking to Keri. I found it weird that kooki wouldn't even look at me or talk to me, just to Keri. Was he mad at me or something? "That's cool. I'm going to head out, I'll see you later Keri" he said before he walked off. Keri turned to me and scrunched up her nose. "That was weird" I mumbled. "Why? Because you went out with Tae instead of him?" Keri said then slapped a hand over her mouth. "What do you mean?" I narrowed my eyes at her. "Nothing" she shook her head. "No you tell me now" I said. Keri sighed and nodded. "You know kooki liked you too. Him and Tae had a little fight over you but Tae is the one that you chose" keri explained Holy crap! When did this transpire! I knew Tae liked me, but I guess I did pay more attention to him then kooki. "You didn't know kooki liked you too?" Keri chuckled. "That's okay I was on team Tae" she added. "Your dating someone?" Mia questioned shocked. "Uhm,  kinda of just starting to" I said. "That's great." Mia said enthusiasticly. "I think its great, and their name together is so cute. Latae!" Keri exclaimed. "well now I feel bad for kooki" I sighed. "Nah don't. he's a big boy. He's still young and good looking. He'll find a girl" Keri said. "hey Mia you know him?" keri all of a sudden asked looking over at her. "Um. I see him around a lot. When I'm here late at night he's the only other one working out too. I bumped into him earlier today too" Mia said rubbing her neck. Keri grinned. "So you've noticed him before?!" Keri seemed to be grinning like a fool. I admit, I was too. I could tell where Keri was going with that. I couldn't believe that Keri was the one nudging this info out. Mia laughed about it and started leading us to the rock climbing area. "Come on let's go have some fun in the rock room" mia said finally wanting to put an end to it.
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Hmmmm....looks like a certain someone is sharpening her arrows again! Aiming for a bullseye straight to Kookies little heart! hehe!😆