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Top link works. (For viewing purposes), I'm trying to download the movie with my Google account but it won't let me. I'll try again later but, I viewed it on the first link and WOW! Great movie! I didn't know he was blind! What an amazing movie! I loved it!
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Oh I don't cry. (LOL!) I know! My heart was going nuts when he yelled "hyung"! Looks like hyung really did love him!
Kyungsoo!! He's face get's me every time, even when he's frowning. Although I would prefer a smile over a frown any day! πŸ™ƒ I can't wait to watch this, support him, and just be in awe of his Kyngsooness!! And yes, Kyungsooness is a thing, to me at least. And thank you so much @clandrea170 for posting this!!
I can't wait until the weekend! I can actually watch it! and my kids would hate me forever if I watched a KMovie without them! "Train To Busan" had us bawling and screaming!!! so I must wait! but I am trying to download it and it won't let me!
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