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sweet ending... [Spoilers for the Ending Part of the Last Episode of Master's Sun] "...she says how she doesn’t want to be lonely without him. I will go to your side cuz you are special to me. I love you. by your side I will love you a lot. next to your side the sun will rise. he asks if that is why she invited him to say all that. he stands and says I never once let you go.cuz you are my sun – what I cant live without. he shows her the sun necklace he held onto. she thanks him for not letting her go and kisses him lightly. he pulls her close and kisses her more passionately. they pull apart and he kisses her again..." "...they are holding onto each other and he says what would have happened if you didn’t see that ghost then (on the rainy night). he wants her to seduce him right now cuz he waited a year. she says she met steve jobs. he is excited and asks what did he say. she says I cant. JW says I am special so just tell me. she whispers what steve jobs said. the camera pans out slowly. he kisses her again..." - Softy at Soompi Live Recap It's Happy Ending for Tae Gong Ri and Cheap Mouth Security Team, Auntie and Uncle VP (Auntie is pregnant), Tae Yi Ryeong and Kang Woo and of course to our main OTP ... JOO JOONG WON (Master) TAE GONG SHIL (Sun). That's the end of their love story. Thank you for watching. Master's Sun, Fighting! credits facebook page: The Master's Sun 주군의 태양
Just yes he loved her so much had to go with the repeater kiss ......... His last comment after talking about Steve Jobs was shell we continue what we started was like the perfect ending he couldn't wait to hold his love whom he had been waiting for ..... Just Beautiful
yeah.. me too.. it was so sweet.. what more if it is said to us...lol
I'm going to live continuously by ur side.I have never once let you go.because tae gong shil in my Sun without which the earth will be destroyed.oh perfect. me too want listen words like that
I loved it so much!!
@betty... i love always.. yeah.. a real tear jerker and that's what you call selfless love..
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