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Hi all, Vero here and I'm here with who I am crushing on this week.
Are you excited? I know I am
My Man Crush for this week is no other than....

Jae Hee 재희


Born: Lee Hyun-kyun
May 25, 1980 (age 36)
Seoul, South Korea
Height: 5′10″
Years active: 1996-present
Agent: Polaris Entertainment
So I am just crushing on his adorable smile. I just finished watching one of his works Color of A Woman which I did a review on and can be found here. His skills impressed me where he played a mild mannered nerdy rich boy which I adored. I was later impressed when I looked him up because I swore I saw him in other dramas and was definitely impressed that I did in fact watch some of his other works. I hope after reading this card you will check out some of his works.
seriously his smile is so adorable.


Tv Series
(1997) Mountain
(1998) I Love You! I Love You! (1998) Steal My Heart (1998) New Generation Report: Adults Don't Know (1998)Soonpoong Clinic
(1999) School 2
(2000) Golbangi (2000) Medical Center
(2001) Wuri's Family
(2002) To Be with You
(2005) Sassy Girl Chun-hyang
(2006) My Girl
(2007) Witch Yoo Hee
(2008) One Mom and Three Dads (2008) Hometown Legends "Oh Goo the Exorcism" (2008) Chase! X-boyfriend
(2011) Color of Woman
(2012) May Queen
(2013)Jang Ok-jung, Living by Love (2013) The Firstborn
(2015) Save the Family
(2016)Vampire Detective
(1999) Ghost in Love
(2000) Bloody Beach
(2004) 3-Iron
(2006) The Art of Fighting
(2007) The Evil Twin (2007) Zig Zag Love
(2008) Mandate
Crimes of Passion

Fun Facts:

He was a child actor
He is married and has a son
Did his military service 2008-2010
He runs an online shopping Mall called Easy by Step
Well enjoy the mini spam down below...
the works I have seen are Color of A Woman, Sassy Girl Chun-hyang, My Girl, Witch Yoo Hee, and Vampire Detective.
Which works have you seen?

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I honestly don't remember him in My Girl, I had to look it up but it was a cameo so that's why I didn't remember. The only other drama I saw him in was Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang. He's a total cutie and his smile is precious. Not gonna lie, I had a slight crush on him from that drama and he's 36?
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I think I may have those genes lol I get told all the time that I look 16 but I'm gonna be 19 in April