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Hi all, It's Historical Drama Week here in the Kdrama Community. I hope you all enjoy this week's genre. I also hope if you haven't watched a Historical drama maybe watch one or two of them, I am sure you won't be disappointed...

What Historical Drama Am I Watching?

I am currently watching two at the moment...


Dowager Queen Jisoo has ruled the Kingdom of Silla as regent since the murder of her husband, keeping her son Sammaekjong hidden outside of the capital Seorabeol and safe from enemies and assassins. As Sammaekjong reaches the age of majority nobles, citizens, officials and Sammaekjong himself have all grown impatient for her to cede power. However the powerful nobles that tried to usurp power in the Kingdom continue to eye the throne and Jisoo fears the consequences of her ceding it.
In order to break the power of the nobles, who have grown accustomed to their privileges under the bone rank system, Jisoo plans to create a new elite, the Hwarang, that will cut across the existing power factions, and to bind them to Sammaekjong and the throne. As this new elite of male youths bond and grow[7] they are unaware that within their number is their future king, Sammaekjong, and Kim Seon-woo, a commoner harbouring a secret even he is not aware of.
After I post this card I'm going to go watch the most recent episode.

Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds aka Love in The Moonlight

Hong Ra-On disguises herself as a man and counsels men on dating. Due to a love letter she wrote for a client, she meets Crown Prince Hyomyeong (Park Bo-Gum). Hong Ra-On is unaware that he is the Crown Prince and Hyomyeong is unaware that Hong Ra-On is a woman. The Crown Prince becomes interested in Hong Ra-On. His eunuchs become aware of this and attempt to get Hong Ra-On to become one of them.
I am on episode 12!!!

5 Historical Dramas I recommend:

Scarlet Heart Ryeo
The Moon That Embraces the Sun
Gumiho: Tale of the Fox Child
Queen In Hyun's Man

Historical Dramas I want to Watch:

Mirror of the Witch
Arang and The Magistrate
Rooftop Prince
Warrior Baek Dong Soo
Gu Family Book
Queen Seon Duk
Six Flying Dragons
The Princess's Man
Which one should I watch next?

5 Osts from Historical Dramas that I love

Hwarang OST Part.2 죽어도 너야 (Even If I Die It's You) - V and Jin of BTS
Scarlet Heart Ryeo -Bobo Sensei OST Part 1] Chen, Baek Hyun, Siu Min (EXO) - MV for you
(Scarlet Heart: Ryeo OST Part 6) Can You Hear My Heart - EPIK HIGH ft. Lee Hi
Melting FMV (Moonlight Drawn By Clouds OST Part 6)[Eng Sub + Rom + Han]- K.Will
Hwa Shin (A Flower's Letter) [Iljimae OST] with Lyrics - Park Hyo Shin
@FromBlue2U (unofficial support)
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I'm not big into historical dramas but from the ones that you want to watch that I've seen I recommend Rooftop Prince. it's hilarious and cute! I also saw Faith, Scarlet Heart, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds and Queen In Hyuns Man.
Oooo. You have a good list you want to watch! I highly recommend watching Gu Family Book and Rooftop Prince (Both are in my top dramas). I've also watched Six Flying Dragons and it's super good, but it's a long one. But it's really good!!
thanks... I'll probably move those to the top to. qatch then.